The Army and Army Profession Operations ADP 3-0 Mission Command 6-0 Army Programs Military Leadership and Counseling
14 June 1775
When was the American Continental Army established?
A Composite of the Conditions, Circumstances, and Influences that affect the Employment of Capabilities and Bear on the decisions of the Commander
What is the Operational Environment?
What does ADP 6-0 cover?
Mission Command
This policy applies --
Both on and off post and during duty and non-duty hours.
To working, living, and recreational environments (including both on- and off-post housing).
The Army's policy on Army Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program applies where and when?
learning loyalty, subordination, respect for superiors, and even when and how to lodge candid disagreement
What are the things that a good follower must Learn?
It is the synchronization of our efforts between Joint Services, other government agencies, other partner Nations and other Military Forces from other partner nations
What is Unified Land Operations?
Mission, Enemy, Terrain and Weather, Troops and Support available, Time available, Civil Considerations (METT-TC)
What do Mission Variables ( METT-TC) consist of?
shared confidence among commanders, subordinates, and partners
What is Mutual Trust?
Their chain of command.
Medical Treatment Facility.
Military Police/Criminal Investigation Division.
Social Work Services.
Family Advocacy.
Legal Services.
If someone has been sexually assaulted, to whom may they report the crime?
Formal; Informal; Collective; Situational
What are the four special conditions of Leadership?
The Constitution
What gives the President the authority as the Commander and Chief?
Courage and Character, and Leaders of consequence—bonded together in a Profession of Arms—Organized, Trained, and Equipped to be the most Decisive Land Force in the World
America’s Sons and Daughters, Men and Women of What is The United States Army?
1. Personnel
2. Networks
3. Information Systems
4. Processes and Procedures
5. Facilities and equipment
What are the five systems included in the Mission Command system?
The right to be treated with fairness, dignity, and a respect for privacy The right to be protected from the accused offender The right to be notified of court proceedings The right to be present at all public court proceedings related to the assault unless the court determines that testimony by the victim would be materially affected if the victim heard other testimony at trial, or for other good cause The right to talk to the attorney for the Government in the case The right to seek restitution, if appropriate The right to information regarding conviction, sentencing, imprisonment, and release of the offender from custody.
Army Regulation 27-10 outlines the rights of crime victims, what are they?
Army Command Policy
What is AR 600-20?
What isWhat is the Army’s mission?
To Fight and win the Nation’s Wars through prompt and sustained Land Combat, as part of the Joint Force
Mission, Enemy, Terrain and Weather, Troops and Support available, Time available, Civil Considerations (METT-TC)
What does METT-TC stand for?
Mission command is the exercise of authority and direction by the commander using mission orders to enable disciplined initiative within the commander’s intent to empower agile and adaptive leaders in the conduct of unified land operations.
What is Mission Command?
The Commander’s Responsibility
Prevention of sexual harassment is whose responsibility?
Organizational Direct; Strategic
What are the three Levels of Leadership?
1. Trust
2. Honorable Service
3.Military Expertise
4. Stewardship of the Profession
5. Esprit De Corps
What are the five essential characteristics of our profession?
Operational Variables and Mission Variables
Army Leaders Plan, Prepare, Execute, and Assess Operations by analyzing the operational environment by using what variables?
with their intent, the purpose of the operation, the key tasks, the desired end state, and resources
What should Commanders provide subordinates during Mission Command?
Sexual assault is a crime defined as intentional sexual contact, characterized by use of force, physical threat or abuse of authority or when the victim does not or cannot consent.

Define sexual assault.
Should every good Army Leader also need to be a good follower?

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