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What is 21?
This numbered card game is known for being the game that has the most instances of people getting caught cheating in casinos.
Who is Agatha Christie?
This best-selling English novelist added to her mystique by disappearing towards the end of her life.
Who is Glenn Miller?
This WW2 era band leader was killed by the Germans in 1942 headed to Italy to perform for the troops.
Who is Beethoven?
Fur Elise.
What is The Great Barrier Reef?
This patch of coral is barely still standing to this day, and many efforts are being launched to save it.
What is Euchere?
This card game invented in midwestern saloons is played with four players, working as two pairs of partners, winning as many hands as possible.
Who is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?
Magician Harry Houdini went on a campaign against psychics taking advantage of people, resulting in a feud with the wife of this British Detective writer.
Who is Dave Brubeck?
This late 60s band leader is renowned for his laidback, calm style, encouraging folks to just take 5.
Who is Tchiakovsky?
Romeo and Juliet
What are the Cliffs of Dover?
These rock faces in eastern Britain are known for their pasty white appearance.
What is Egyptian Rat Screw?
This loud card game involves slapping cards on the table to take them for yourself.
Who are the Hardy Boys?
These two brothers in Massachusetts, written by Franklin W. Dixon, assisted their PI father in solving the crimes that he could not.
Who is Benny Goodman?
This bandleader, a clarinettist by trade, was famous for his bespectacled appearance and encouraging folks to Sing, Sing, Sing.
Who is Berlioz?
Symphony Fantastique
What is The Matterhorn?
The highest peak in the Swiss Alps is renowned in Legend for its very large, hairy, fictional denizens.
What is Baccarat?
In this european card game, similar to blackjack, the objective is to get to 9, and not 21.
What are Penny Dreadfuls?
This series of short novellas in Britain during the Industrial Revolution popularized the mystique of Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.
Who is Duke Ellington?
This bandleader would always begin and end every song performing live with the phrase "we love you madly".
Who is Mozart?
Don Giovanni
What is The Pantanal?
This forest in Brazil is known as the world's largest tropical wetlands
What is Mao?
This card name, named for a chinese communist leader, has unknown rules, yet is still played to this day.
What is The Maltese Falcon?
Sam Spade mingles with the rich and famous of San Fransisco's elite hunting a missing bejewelled bird that everyone is after.
Who is Jelly Roll Morton?
This New Orleans bandleader in the early days of Jazz, with a name that sounds like a condiment, brought his most famous song out in 1912, the King Porter Stomp.
Who is Dvorak?
New World Symphony
What is Pammukale?
These layered calcium deposits in Turkey have been renowned for their beauty, and the luxurious pools that formed around them, since the Ancient Era.

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