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A sales executive at Universal containers wants to be notified whenever high-value opportunities are created for hot accounts.
How should an administrator meet this requirement?
a. Create an escalation rule based on the opportunity amount.
b. Create the workflow rule on opportunity object.
c. Create an auto-response rule on the opportunity amount.
d. Create a validation rule that evaluates the account rating
B, D, E
What standard object has a one-to-many relationship with the account object? (3 answers)
a. Lead
b. Opportunity
c. Campaign
d. Contact
e. Case
How can a system administrator restrict users from viewing certain fields in list views, searches, page layouts and reports?
a. Set the field to hidden on the user role
b. Remove the field from page layouts
c. Set the field to hidden using field-level security
d. Remove the field from reports and list views
A marketing user has received a file of leads to import. What tool can be used to avoid duplicate leads?
a. Merge Leads function
b. Validation Rules
c. Data Loader
d. Import Wizard
A, D
Which chart type can be used to display summary values from two different levels of grouping in a report. (2 answers)
a. Stacked bar chart
b. Funnel chart
c. Donut chart
d. Grouped line chart
What can be done with a workflow field update action? (2 answers)
a. Change the record type of a record
b. Update the value of a formula field
c. Apply a specific value to a field
d. Update the value of a field on a child object.
If two objects have a parent child relationship, how can a user access the child record from the parent record?
a. Lookup field
b. Related list
c. Custom link
d. Child field
69. What level of access can be set when sharing a document folder with users? (2 answers)
a. Read/write/create/delete
b. Read-only
c. Read/write/create
d. Read/write
When importing data, what happens if some records do NOT met the data validation criteria?
a. Import process ignores the data validation criteria
b. Import process aborts when it encounters the first invalid record
c. Import process fails only for the records with invalid data.
d. Import process requires user authorization to import the invalid records
Universal Containers requires that the organization-wide default for opportunities be set to public read/write. However, sales users are complaining that opportunity reports return too many results, making it difficult to find their team’s opportunities in the report results.
How can the system administrator address this problem?
a. Use the show filter to filter report results and reduce records returned
b. Move the opportunity reports into each user’s personal reports
c. Update the sharing rules to limit user access to certain opportunity
d. Move the opportunity reports into a folder with restricted access
A, D, E
When can a validation rule be used to prevent invalid data? (3 answers)
a. When records are edited by a user
b. When records are deleted by a user
c. When records are submitted using web-to-lead
d. When records are imported
e. When records are updated by a workflow rule
A user at Universal container reports an error message when attempting to log in. the administrator checks the user’s login history, but there is no record of the attempted login.
What could be cause of this issue?
a. The user is attempting to log in outside of the profile login range
b. The user is attempting to log in outside of the profile IP
c. The user is attempting to log in with wrong username
b. The user is attempting to log in with wrong password
Universal containers is using a private sharing model. The US sales director needs full access to all records of the US sales representatives.
How can this be accomplished?
a.Place the US sales director in a queue with the US sales representative’s
b.Define a role hierarchy where the US sales representatives roll up to the US sales director
c.Give the US sales director read/write/edit/delete object permissions on the profile
d.Define a role hierarchy where the US sales director rolls up to the CEO
Universal Containers needs to synchronize data between sales force and an external financial system.
How can a system administrator accomplish this?
a. Use an external ID field to match records between systems
b. Use the excel connector to export records from both systems
c. Use the data loader to match records between the systems
d. Use the data loader to upsert Salesforce records into the financial system
A, C
What relationship can be selected in a custom report type where accounts is the primary object and contacts is the related object?
a. Each account may or may not have related contacts.
b. Each account must have a related account
c. Each contact may or may or may not have a related account.
d. Each account must not have related contacts
B, D
Which statement is true regarding an approval process? (2 answers)
a. A delegated approver can reassign approval requests
b. An approval action defines the result of record approval or rejection
c. An assignment rule defines the approver for each process step
d. The approval history related list can be used to track the process
B, D, E
What can be modified on standard object fields? (3 answers)
a. Field type
b. Label
c. Default text
d. Help text
e. Picklist Values
A, C, E
What setting is controlled by a user’s profile? (3 answers)
a. Field level security
b. Feature license assignment
c. Record type assignment
d. Locale settings
e. Assigned apps
A, C
17. Which record type can be updated when converting a lead? (choose 2)
a. An existing opportunity record
b. An existing custom object record
c. An existing account record
d. An existing contact record
B, C
Which dashboard component can display data from the summary rows of reports? (2 answers)
a. Chart
b. Metric
c. Table
d. Gauge
A, B, E
What type of customization can be done on Activities? (Tasks and Events) (3 answers)
a. Workflow Rules
b. Custom Fields
c. Field Tracking
d. Assignment Rules
e. Validation Rules
C, D
How can knowledge articles be used? (2 answers)
a. To display Salesforce answers
b. To display Salesforce solutions
c. To display for customer self-service
d. To resolve customer cases
A, D, E
What permission is set in a user’s profile? (3 answers)
a. Mass email
b. Marketing user
c. Active
d. Run Reports
e. Object Permissions
Universal Containers wants to automatically back up all the Salesforce data on a monthly basis.
Which tool can a system administrator use to meet this requirement?
a. Data export service
b. Analytic snapshot
c. Import wizard
d. Scheduled report.
A, B, E
What is an option when customizing a report? (3 answers)
a. Add a filter
b. Summarize fields
c. Schedule a refresh time
d. Add a gauge component
e. Add a grouping

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