Causes of Chest Pain
What is Herpes zoster, shingles
A cause of chest pain, this condition manifests on the skin in patients that have previously had chicken pox.
What is pericarditis
This inflammation of the outside lining of the heart can cause chest pain that changes with position.
What is COPD, emphysema
Patients with this condition are prone to pneumothorax because of the loss of elasticity of their lung tissues and the air trapping that causes their lungs to hyperinflate.
What is Boorhaaves, Mallory Weiss tears
This potential cause of chest pain originates from the GI system, and can be caused by violent vomiting, especially in alcoholics and bulimics.
What is Multiple myeloma
This potential cause of chest pain originates in the bone marrow and can spread along the ribs and cause spontaneous compression fractures.

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