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"Helping people and their pets when they need it most."
What is our Mission?
Who is responsible for all medical based phone calls and telephone triage?
Can perform from Status board or treatment sheet.
Write in an alert that one of your patients is Dog aggressive and has a heart murmur.
VEG's practice management software system, This is how you will access all customer, patient, and referring veterinary information.
What is Vetspire?
-Explain to them that the assistant needs to hold off for certain procedures (blood draws, medication administration)
-This is a bite free zone, owner and faculty included.
-It is for their safety, ours and yours.
-Advise them they don't have to leave, they can stand at the end of the table and pet their head.
An Owner is very attached to their pet and insists on holding during all procedures because their pet wont bite them. How do you proceed?
-Less stressful for clients and their pets
-Clients feel at ease when they aren't waiting in the lobby without seeing their pet
-Clients can see what they're paying for
-Clients can visualize the quality of the care their pet receives first hand.
What are some benefits of an "Open Hospital" setting?
Sort animals presenting to the ER based on medical severity, with the focus of attention to the sickest animals being addressed first.
Define Triage.
Grey - completed
Green - Scheduled
Yellow - Due
Red - Overdue
What are the 4 color codes on Instinct stand for?
Make sure you are on patients home page
Send a message to a client from Vetspire.
Let the client speak, but if possible try to politely interrupt and let them know you'd like to have them speak to a doctor. Fill out the medical card and let them know you will be placing them on a brief hold.
You answer a phone call. The client on the other line is rambling on about their dogs long medical history and is debating on bringing their dog in. How do you handle the phone call?
-VEG is the obvious place to take your pet in the state of an emergency.
-They choose to come to us because they know VEG will treat them and their pets the way they want to be treated.
-We are the obvious choice for GPs to refer
-Employees want to brag to their friends!
What is our Vision? (4 Possible answers! 5 additional points each additional answer.)
What is the name of the app we use if we need to video call with the owner?
-Medicine administration that will only be given once.
-Additional treatment that isn't scheduled in that hour.
What are 2 different types of "one-offs" you can complete in Instinct?
Start at patients/clients home page.
Send a self check in to a client vs. Checking them in manually
Apologize for the delay, explain to the client that it's not that we don't think their pet is important, we just had patients that are more critical come in that do need to be seen first as we are an emergency hospital. We apologize for the wait, and we will get to them as soon as we can. Offer to get them refreshments or snack from the front.
Client brought their pet in for excessive itching and has been waiting for some time after their triage. The client gets annoyed and starts to complain that people that have come in after them have been seen. How do you proceed?
1. All we do is Emergency.
2. You can call and speak with a doctor
3. You will see a doctor right away
4. We'll keep you and your pet together
5. We'll sit on the floor
6. We'll find a way to say yes
7. We'll get your records to your vet on time
What are the 7 Spikes we follow? (Try them in Order for an extra 20 points!)
-We greet, introduce ourselves and escort to treatment. Get a weight if patient is not critical and take to furthest table if possible. Technicians meet at the table and introduce themselves to triage.
What is the process we go through when a client first enters the hospital?
Make sure you go into the patients treatment sheet, edit the medications and insure the doses are correctly written in after automatically recalculating.
If your patients weight is changed in instinct, what must you do next?
Start at patients home page
Submit a lab request to the IDEXX machines
-Ask how they're doing
-Offer to cover/swap a shift so they can have an extra day off to recover.
- Ask them if they want to take a break and take a nap.
-Write them a shout out to acknowledge how hard they've been working.
-If you are really worried, reach out to your practice manager to express your concern.
You notice your coworker that's been having a rough week. They've been staying late a lot this week, had been through some difficult cases and seem to be dragging. What do you do?
VEG Code word for "this is gossip and negative and we all agreed to avoid gossip and negativity for everyone's benefit"
What is "Armadillo"?
1. Panting Cat
2. Retching German Shepherd with a distended abdomen who walked in.
3. Blocked Cat
4. Limping dog that was hit by a car
5. A post op splenectomy and pexy Bernese from a popular rDVM.
It's 6pm and the hospital just opened. All of a sudden the hospital is slammed with patients being transferred or referred over by rDVMs that are closing for the day and people who just got home from work. How do you effectively triage the following patients?

-A post op splenectomy and pexy Bernese from a popular rDVM.
-Panting cat.
-Retching German Shepherd with a distended abdomen who walked in.
-Limping dog that was hit by a car when owners were backing out of the driveway.
-Excessively vocalizing cat who's been in and out of the litter box all day.
-Create new patient
-Required fields
-Required fields
-Save and check in
Create a test patient on Instinct and check them in.
Insure the doctor is ready for the client to check out.
Check out a client.
Same way you would if there weren't any clients in the treatment area!
Alert your staff loud and clear by saying, "CODE".
Bring patient out to a table.
Someone grabs the doctor.
Someone else grabs the crash cart.
Proceed with emergency life saving measures.
You have a critical patient that you have been monitoring all night. There are triage's and clients in treatment but you are still able to check in on the patient as much as possible. You go back to check and realize the patient is no longer breathing. How do you proceed with clients in the treatment area?

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