Functions and Purposes Style, Form and Content Visual Elements of Art Principles of Design Miscellaneous
Art can be made purely as a mode of personal expression.
Fine Art cannot be purely about personal expression.

True or False
Content determines form, but form expresses content.
Content determines form, but form does not alter content.

True or False
The tactile quality of a surface of a work of art is what element of art?
Symmetrical Balance
What type of balance is traditionally used in government buildings, to represent stability, strength and power that expected by the people?
White - Additive
Black - Subtractive
In additive color system, all colors mixed together make? In subtractive color system, all colors mixed together make?
The appreciation, perception and appearance of beauty.
What does the study of aesthetics relate to specifically in art?
Representational Art
What style depicts recognizable subject matter, through an altered or distorted perception of reality?
Vanishing Point
In linear perspective, all parallels converge to what on a horizon line?

True or False
Yes. Repetition is utilized as a key concept in both principles.
Unity and Rhythm, are both principles that share what concept?
The height of the artist eye level parallel to the ground plane; which extends to the horizon; the horizon line.
Define what eye level/horizon line is in linear perspective?
Religion - It has been a driving force in the purpose and function of art (content), as well as, a primary commissioner of art production.
Throughout the history of art, what has been one of the most dominating contributors and roles in the production of art?
Symbolic storytelling or meaning. Using themes and symbols to represent something or communicate an underlying meaning.
What is Iconography?
1. Hue - color's name
2. Value - lightness or darkness of a color
3. Intensity - brightness or dullness of a color
What are the three properties of color?
Direction / Movement
What principle of design, creates and uses visual pathways to control the viewer's visual journey?
Color, Value and Definition (details)
In atmospheric perspective, as distance increase, clarity decreases in what three categories?
Language/Communication - Art is a visual language
What was the initial function of art and is still the dominant purpose of art today?
The Viewer is the one who experiences the work that is carrying the message, therefore, their interpretation is the completion of the message.
A viewer’s interpretation of the content of a work of art is not as important as the artist’s intended content.

True or False
1. Overlap
2. Diminishing Size
3. Relative Placement
4. Perspective (linear and atmospheric)
What are the four (4) vehicles/techniques that can be used to create an illusion of space in art?
Scale refers to size of one whole object to another whole object.
Proportion is the size relationship or ratio of one part to the whole.
What is the difference between the principles of design, Scale and Proportion?
The organization or arrangement of the elements or art and principles of design to collectively create a visual language.
What is composition in art?
Art is essential to humanity, it's universal, open to varying interpretations and aesthetics.

True or False
Form is what we see - the visual qualities, style and media;
Content is what is depicted - the meaning or message;
Content and Form are inseparable and determine one another.
What is form in art? What is content in art? What is their relationship?
1. Line
2. Shape/Form
3. Texture
4. Space
5. Value/Light
6. Color
7. Time/Motion
What are the seven (7) Elements of Art?
1. Unity
2. Variety
3. Balance
4. Rhythm/Repetition
5. Direction/Movement
6. Emphasis (focal point)
7. Scale
8. Proportion
What are the eight (8) Principles of Design
Clockwise from the top:
Y, YG, G, BG, B, BV, V, RV, R, RO, O, YO

1 - Primary - R, Y, B
2 - Secondary - O, G, V
3 - Tertiary - YG, BG, BV, RV, RO, YO
Draw the color wheel.
Identify all 12 colors.
Label primaries - 1, secondaries - 2 and tertiaries - 3

Art Appreciation - Chapters 1-4

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