Weekly Status Meeting Walkthru Observations PBC Deliveries Draft Findings Never Say it Out Loud
What are the goals for the Weekly Status Meeting
Clearly communicate the content and details for PBC requests; draft findings; and audit phase status
Who are the key participants needed for an Walkthru Observation and testing
System SMEs; Internal Audit Management POC; System Management responsible for process
What is the correct way to address it when a team matter provides an incorrect answer
After the meeting when only the internal team is present speak to the Internal POC for audit management
What is the correct way to address resolving a potential finding
Provide additional evidence that the control is in place
Do you have a procedure to document this process
Yes but we don't follow it
Who is responsible for keeping notes in the meeting
Everyone - Internal Audit Team POC; External Audit Team Manager POC ; System SMEs.POC
What the key requirements for successful walkthrough testing observation
Clear understanding of test case and control requirements.
What is the correct way to address it when the document delivered is not the document you are using for the procedure
Provide the latest version Internal POC for audit management
What is the correct way to address a disagreement about a risk rating
Provide details the scope and compensating controls
Can you provide the weekly review artifacts
No after Joe quit nobody has been doing those reviews

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