Avalanche Effects and Environment shape and safety Observation Random
slab avalanches, sluffs or loose snow avalanches and wet avalanches.
what types of avalanches are there ?
Lee Slopes
The wind creates drifts which can from on top of a ___ ____ causing an avalanche.
what is convex
_____ slopes get steeper as you ski them
they look like they are round
they have pressure pulling down on them
What is slope, slab, peak
Reports of environmental effects through drop zone averages distinguish what three categories of mountain drops in the peak range?
what is true, # yes
Is reading bulletins important before you travel through the mountains?
Loading of a slope by snowfall, wind, warm weather, cornice's falling clumps of snow falling off tree's.
What triggers an avalanche ?
what is windward
________ slopes receive less snow and may be left with scoured appearance
what is Bowls and Gullies
_____ and ____ are often the most dangerous slopes to ski because: there is no escape route, people will get pushed into the centre and in the centre the forces are the highest and will result in a deep burial
What is Slope faces, wind effects, trees location, posts, buildings
When you go skiing what is something that helps you decide the route you will travel down?
What is a Avalanche
Pinpoint searches are used after a....?
what is
dry is 200km/h
wet is 100km/h
Dry avalanches can reach up to _______ km/h
wet avalanches can reach up to _______ km/h
Slopes facing the sun will ice over and when more snow comes it will lay on the icy snow making the surface slippery causing the snow to slide making an avalanche
what kind of affects does the sun do to cause can avalanche
what is Island of safety
If you are crossing an avalanche slope _____ may be the only protection for a person to stop and watch.
What is 1. Sudden warming within several hours will reduce snow stability.
2. natural snowballs rolling down slopes indicates that surface layers are warm and weak.
3. snow becoming sticky indicates warming of snow to 0C and weakling of the snow layers.
Why should you worry about previous weather in the mountains?
What is Shovelling techniques so you do not hurt the person you are searching for, and to get to them as fast as possible.
What should you consider when you are shovelling for a buried body?
Start zone at the vary top of the path, track area the avalanche travels on it is often narrow and the run out bottom of the path where the snow settles.
what are the main parts of an avalanche ?
when the weather is cool and shady it makes the snow weak and that can produce an avalanche what is this called
what is shady slope
what is terrain
when an avalanche is behind you and you have no where to go you are in a _____ trap
what is sounds, slabs, deep tracks, weather, snow.
What are some field observations you should be taking before going down a mountain on a snowboard?
what is By 30 min the survival rate is less than 10%
If someone was buried in a avalanche, what is the average survival rate after 30 min?
30-45 degrees is the ideal slope for an avalanche. They can reach up to 60 degrees
what are the slope and angles of an avalanche ?
what is elevation
Avalanche danger is higher at high ______ because there is more snowfall and more wind.
what is weak layer
Reports of buried surface hoar, slab avalanches occurring many days after are a sign of a _____ ____
What is a shovel
What type of equipment is good for moving snow if someone is buried?
What is to save the skier that is in trouble.
Why do rescuers climb mountains as fast as they can?

Avalanche Awareness

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