Levels Defining Applying
What is the first level of Bloom's Taxonomy?
Knowledge & Remembering
What is "create"?
The last level of Bloom's Taxonomy in which a person has fully mastered every other step of the pyramid and is ready to use everything they have learned
What is a scenario of something an unreflective thinker would do?
In a situation where a student is stressed out, they think nothing of it and just put their homework aside and watch television instead.
What is an unreflective thinker?
A person who does not understand the natural process to thinking
What is a beginning thinker?
This thinker knows where they are flawed in thoughts and wants to change their ways of thinking, however they have not yet created a plan
What is a scenario for the level "understand"?
Jane and Sam have already thought about what they are going to discuss for their class presentation, now they are beginning to write down their ideas as well as go into depth of the subject.
What is applying?
The level after a person starts to understand a concept
What is the practicing thinker?
This thinker understands that they are flawed in their thoughts and is starting to do something about it
What is something an accomplished thinker would do?
Hannah has received her psycology test back, although she made a B on it she knows that she can do better. Hannah does not complain, however puts more time into studying for her next test so that she can accomplish her goals.

Bloom's Taxonomy & Stage Theory

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