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This degree is applicable to a multitude of career fields, though they are most associated with careers involving social sciences and humanities.
What is a B.A. (Bachelor's of Arts)
This film, noteworthy for the debut of Nicole Kidman's acting career and the Oscar Sr. Anthony Hopkins won for his role, centers on a junior detective's perplexing case of a kidnapper/murderer and her unease with working with an ex-murderer to solve the case
What is Silence of the Lambs
Beloved by fans for its multitude of characters and backgrounds, this teen novel series involves Muggles, Dementors, and the secret group known as the Deathly Hallows
What is Harry Potter
When applying for a college, job or other life opportunity, this description about you as a prospective candidate can make or break your chances of receiving these opportunities.
What is a resume
A lovable actor/director from the early days of Hollywood, his signature mustache became associated with a less-beloved political mastermind.
Who is Charlie Chaplin
Often portrayed as being a job where the only duties required are to serve coffee and run minute errands, this career opportunity is highly sought after due to it being an entry vector into a professional career.
What is an internship
This epic from 1968, considered by many to be the pinnacle of science fiction films, is recognizable for the sinister line "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that."
What is 2001: A Space Odyssey
Universally hailed as a historical masterpiece, this 1970 Italina/Russian film was famous for its elaborate battle scenes that involved more than 16,000 actual soldiers from the Soviet Red Army and was filmed live-action without any added effects apart from the soundtrack.
What is "Waterloo"
Considered to be the most difficult and prestigious degree attainable, this degree makes a candidate more desirable for a superior (and sometimes tenured) position in the working world. It's initials are PhD
Doctor of Philosophy (Philosophaie Doctor)
This world-class director hailing from the other side of the Pacific is credited with being a key inspiration for renown Hollywood director George Lucas' legendary saga "Star Wars"
Who is Akira Kurosawa

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