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What is Buffalo Creek
In 2012, Brandon was given the Reality TV Show Guru award at THIS school back in Palmetto FL.
What is Scene It?
Out of the 9 different versions of THIS game Brandon has, 8 of them are DVD, and 1 of them is on Xbox 360. It's a board/dvd game with mostly movie or tv trivia on screen and on cards.
What is My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
You may call it something for girls all ya want, But Brandon started enjoying THIS cartoon created by Lauren Faust, with Spike the dragon as his favorite character.
What is Hockey
It took him a long time but in 2015, Brandon's Mom finally got him into watching THIS sport when the Lightning team made it to the Finals only to lose to the Black Hawks.
What are Hostess Cupcakes
Brandon saw an episode of the game show "Rewrapped" where contestants tried to remake and innovate this chocolate treat with the cream filling, chocolate ganache, and the iconic 7 white squiggles.
What is Bayshore Elementary
Even though he never expected it, Brandon was given a Citizenship pin award from THIS school he started at.
What is $1,000,000
Brandon has 17 different versions of 6 game shows that contains THIS 7 figure grand prize
What is Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
THIS 1 show featuring main characters named Mac & Bloo is what Brandon watched the most in later years on Cartoon Network.
What is Basketball
It's Brandon's Favorite Sport ever that he always played THIS in the frontyard in Palmetto. Sometimes with his brother even once on a drizzling night.
What is Trix
Brandon hasn't tried the actual cereal yet, But he has tried THIS yogurt, and has used it in several of his lunches before.
What is Deal Or No Deal
Last year Brandon made history on Buzzin as the first 2,000,000 winner on their version of THIS game show involving 26 cases, and a banker.
What is Words With Friends
THIS game that Brandon has may look like Scrabble, But it actually started out as an app before it got its own board game.
What is The Flinstones
The Season 3 Finale called "The Birthday Party" is Brandon's favorite episode of THIS Hanna Barbera cartoon with the famous quote: "Yabba Dabba Doo"
What is Ninja Warrior
It may not be an actual sport, but Brandon considers it a sport anyway despite that it's an athletic competition that airs every summer on NBC.
What are Teddy Grahams
Even though he rarely buys them, Brandon still likes These bear shaped graham cracker snacks created in 1988.
What is Super Mario Maker 2
It's not big but THIS games storymode is the only story mode that Brandon completed that involves making your own level.
What is Uno
Brandon has 6 versions of this card game with 4 different colored cards saying either Skip, Reverse, and even Draw 2.
Who is Kim Possible
Out of all Disney Channel cartoons he's watched, Brandon's favorite is about THIS famale crime fighting character with her best friend (then later boyfriend) Ron Stoppable.
What is Baseball
Many years ago Brandon went with Uncle Steve, Cousin Nick, and maybe Brother Kevin to a field to do some of THIS sport.
What are Fudge Rounds
It's the Little Debbie snack that Brandon loves made of 2 soft chocolate cookies filled with delicious fudge creme in between.
What is Cards Against Humanity
While he doesn't always win, but Brandon has won THIS politically incorrect card game that's compared to Apples To Apples.
What is Operation
He may not have the original but Brandon does have the Shrek and SpongeBob versions of this game that includes a red nose that glows when a pair of tweezers touches the metal edge.
What is Fairly Odd Parents
Brandon had a Game Boy Advance video cartridge that allowed him to watch THIS cartoon featuring a 10 year old boy given 2 fairies to improve his miserable life.
What is Bowling
While playing Wii Sports games Brandon would always play this spare/strike making game the most.
What is Lance
The Toast Chee peanut butter crackers Brandon likes are made by this company

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