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Sports/Volunteerism Extacurriculars Academic Accomplishments
What is Volleyball for NH Seacoast?
Spikes, Dives, and Bumps are all things someone would see if they saw April on the court for this team.
What is RMS Chorus?
Fellow members "sang" April's praises so much so that she received the "Pride and Spirit" award for this organization.
What is the NWEA math test?
April was the first student in RMS history to score in the 280's on this measure of academic growth.
Who are great second basemen, April is currently on the Rochester Slammers team.
Ryne Sandberg, Chase Utley, and April Beatty...
What is the trumpet for RMS Band?
Not that April likes to "toot her horn" but she had several solos in front of the school playing this instrument.
What is High Honor Roll?
To do this all three years at RMS, is quite the academic feat...but April did it.
What is Buddy Ball?
Move over LeBron James, Abby demonstrated great basketball skills by helping special needs students excel at this activity.
What is the New Hampshire Honors Band?
It was quite the accomplishment when April was invited to participate in this state's musical ensemble.
What is National Junior Honor Society?
By the completion of 7th Grade April's Lofty marks led to this prestigious invite.
What is 2nd grade?
No she's not Billy Madison, but April got to relive this grade at McClelland Elementary School by volunteering to help students at this grade level.
What is the New Hampshire Spelling Bee?
One would say April did comply with authority when she correctly spelled, R-E-C-U-S-A-N-T, which propelled her to represent Rochester in this New Hampshire event.
What is Stem Club?
April displayed her strong knack for Math and Science by participating in this club.
What is Adventure Leaders?
Rope climbing to great heights is where you might find April as a member of this club.
What is Once Upon a Mattress?
April passed the "Mattress Test" as the leading lady, Princess Winnifred, in this RMS production.
What is 254?
Not only did April have the highest math NWEA score on team nut she also proved adept in reading with this high score in NWEA reading.

California Student of the Year: April Beatty

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