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What is a shelley
This freestanding structure has a roof but no walls and is large enough for people to stand in.
What is Mercury
The only planet not in the top 10 largest objects in the solar system
What is a peregrine falcon
The fastest moving animal on earth.
Who is Sherlock Holmes
One of the most famous fictional detectives, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
What is Old Town Road
This song has been at the top of the billboard 100 for the past 14 weeks
What is a Pick Up
In the Summit Stock Exchange, Parky's company sells this item
What is the Vatican City
The smallest country in the world
What is a Blue Whale
This animal eats up to 40 million Krill per day
Who is Amelia Earhart
This famous aviator was lost forever in the 1930's during an attempt to circumnavigate the globe.
Who is Rhaegal
This is the first dragon Jon Snow rides in Game of Thrones
What is WPGA
The nurse from this school coined the term Soft Eyes
What is the Tantalus Lodge
Camp Summit was originally located here
What is an Anteater and a Platypus
These are the only two mammals that lay eggs
Who is Jack the Ripper
The Identity of this famous serial killer from 1800's England is still unknown to this day
Who is Ken Jennings
This person has won more on Jeopardy than any other contestant
Daily Double
Daily Double
What is Santa Maria
The most popular city name in the world
What is an Elephant
This is the only animal that can't jump
What is Roanoke
This 1500's colony was found deserted with no signs of struggle upon a return from England by it's founder .
What is Shape of You
This song has been streamed more on spotify than any other song.
What is the Future and the Past
The Second ever Summit Olympics featured these two Iconic Teams
Who is Yuri Gagarin
This was the first person in space
What is Penguin Urine
Nearly 3% of the ice in Antarctica is made up of this
Who is DB Cooper
This plane hijacker jumped from a Boeing 727 with $200,000 never to be seen again.
Who is Laura Branigan
This person sings "Gloria"

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