Worley's Cave More About Caves! White Nose Syndrome
What is Tennessee
Worley's Cave is located in this state bordering North Carolina
What is the twilight zone
This is the middle of three cave zones, positioned between the entrance zone and the dark zone. It is also the name of a once popular tv show
What is December, January, February
To help bats survive through their most vulnerable time, hibernation, Asheville School will avoid caves during these three months
What is fish or crawdads
Worley's Cave is home to these blind animals
What is 55
The dark zone of a cave typically stays a constant temperature of approximately how many degrees Farenheit?
What is metabolism
The irritation of White Nose Syndrome causes bats to wake up during hibernation which causes them to burn their fat for making it through the winter when this internal process is sped up
What is limestone
Karst topography is characterized by underground drainages like sinkholes and caves. It is formed by the dissolution of dolomite, gypsum and this citrusy-sounding sedimentary rock found around Worley's Cave
What is a column
Cave features descending from the ceiling called stalactites and stalagmites which form on the floor sometimes join together to make this Roman-sounding feature
What is carefully cleaning contaminated clothing and shoes
The most helpful thing cave explorers can do to prevent spreading WNS is by doing this
What is Cherokee
Worley's Cave is located on the ancestral land of the Eastern Band of this tribe which represents the 800 who were left after the Indian Removal Act moved the other 15,000 west in 1830 during Andrew Jackson's tenure as President
What are gloves
These are worn to protect cave features from the oil on our skin
What is 98%
White Nose Syndrome has decimated this percentage of the bat population in TN, NC and VA
What is a speakeasy
The ratification of the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution began a period in US history known as the Prohibition during which time people would host these secret parties in places like Worley's cave
What is poop
This is the common name for guano, a natural substance found in caves made up of ammonium nitrate, urate and phosphates
What is hair
White Nose Syndrome refers to a cold-loving fungus that attacks the parts of the bat that aren't covered in this


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