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Female Reproductive Prefixes, Suffixes, CF Male Reproductive STIs Diagnostic Tests for the Male
What is gestation
The medical word for the period of pregnancy
What is pregnant woman
The meaning of the suffix -gravida
What is seminiferous tubules
The structure responsible for sperm production
What is chlamydia
The STI known as the "silent disease".
What is PSA prostate specific antigen
The name of the blood test used for screening fo prostate cancer
what is ectopic pregnancy
The condition when a fertillized ovum becomes implanted on any other tissue other than the uterine lining.
What is breast
The meaning of the combining form mast/o
What is hypospadias
The malformation where the urethra opens on the underside of the penis
What is syphilis
The STI associated with 3 distinct phases (primary, secondary, tertiary)
What is scrotal ultrasound
What imaging procedure evaluates the testicles, epididymis, and vas deferens
What is menstrual
The name of the he cycle in which the endometrium sheds the lining in the uterus?
What is ovary
The meaning of the combing form oophor
What is hydrocele
Swelling or herniation of the sac around the testicle
What is dysuria and leukorrhea
Two common symptoms of gonorrhea
What is vasovasostomy
Vasectomy reversal is called
What is perineum
The area between the vaginal orifice and the anus
What is to bear (off spring)
The meaning of the suffix -para
What is phimosis
Stenosis of narrowing of the preputial orifice so that the foreskin cannot be reestracted over the glans penis
What is HPV human papillomavirus.
A causitve organism for genital warts
What is urethroplasty
Procedure in which the urethra is reconstructed to fix urethral structure.
What is endometriosis.
The presence of the functioning endometrial tissue outside of the uterus
What is woman, female
The meaning of the combining form gynec/o
What is testicular torsion
Spontaneous twisting of a testicle within the scrotum
What is genital herpes
Which STI is associated with "viral shedding"
What is semen analysis
What test verifies sterilization after a vasectomy
What is bilateral salpingo ooporectomy.
The medical term for surgical removal of the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes (total hysterectomy)

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