Balancing Bodies Any portion or part related to the whole Extra Considerations A Sideways Glance Frontways
What is the hairline, the bone structure, and the widest most dominate areas of the face
When determining face shape, analysis of these three areas is required
What is three sectioning
When measuring the face, this type of sectioning is used
What is narrow shoulders
This type of shoulder is complemented by horizontal lines, flat and wide oval lines, and A shape lines
What is a convex profile
This profile has a strong outward curvature (sometimes from a sloping forehead or chin), and adding volume in the fringe area will shorten the protruding nose
What is horizontal, vertical, curved, and diagonal
These are the four types of lines, which are series of points connecting in a variety of ways, which lead the eye through a hairstyle, creating visual illusions
What is heart (triangle also accepted)
Fullness in the nape area balances out this face shape
What is 1/8
Artists use this proportion as the standard proportion between the head and body of a man
What are eyeglasses, proturding ears, and a receding hairline
These three items need special considerations when designing a hairstyle
What is profile
This is defined as an outline from the side, and can be described as straight, convex, or concave
What is asymmetrical balance
While symmetrical balance has its weight equally positioned on both sides of the center axis, this has its weight unequally positioned
What is long
Mass and fullness at the neck create balance for this neck shape
What are middle of the eyebrows and tip of the nose
The middle or second section (when three-sectioning the face) includes these
What is volume and fullness at the sides
With shorter lengths on a client with protruding ears, doing this is recommended for balance
What is design composition
Defined as the coming together of all individual elements of your design into one artistic whole
What is alternation
This design principle refers to a pattern in which an element changes from one to another repeatedly
What is short
Avoid volume at the neck for this neck shape
What is average
A man with a height of 5' 7" - 6' 1" is considered this.
What are large eyeglasses
A larger face should wear this size eyeglasses
What is form
Three-dimensional representation of a shape is know as this
What is opposites
The design principle Contrast has a relationship of this to create interest, variety, and excitement
What is tall and lanky
Volume and/or longer hair is recommended for this body type
What is body proportion
Existing hairstyle is taken into consideration when determining this
What is hair color
When this is just right, it can emphasize the natural skin tone, eye color, and make the client more radiant
What is shape
Two-dimensional figure consisting of points, lines, and angles, or the outline or silhouette of an object
What is horizontal
This line adds width and is parallel to the horizion

Chapter 8 part 2

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