Homicide Crimes v. Persons Crimes v. Property Classification of Crime Defenses
What is voluntary manslaughter
Killing in the heat of passion, adequate provocation, no cooling off time.
What is murder
the unlawful killing of anther human
being with malice aforethought.
What is embezzlement
Inspector Gadget entrusted with his boss's property fraudulently appropriated that property. Inspector Gadget is charged with ___.
What is beyond a reasonable doubt.
In the criminal law system, the burden of proof is:
What is the M'Naghten Test
The oldest legal test of insanity is known as this ___.
What is Premeditation
The element that separates first degree murder from second degree murder.
What is larceny
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Shoplifting is a form of which theft crime
1. What is larceny
2. No Crime
1. Sherry steals a car in a parking lot while the owner is in the grocery store. Sherry is charged with ___.
2. Set fire to your own property without fraudulent purpose or damaging anyone else's property. You are charged with ___.
What is a misdemeanor
A wrong against society proclaimed in a statute and punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment (and, in some cases, death) is known as
What is self-defense
Defendant asserts this defense when he used force that Defendant claims was reasonably necessary to protect himself from immediate harm.
What is manslaughter
What is the classification of unlawful killings without malice or intent.
What is larceny.
Minnie's wrongful taking of the drugs coupled with her specific intent to deprive Mickey (the owner) of the drugs.
Minnie is concerned about Mickey's drug addiction. She flushes the harmful and illegal drugs owned by Mickey down the toilet to prevent its use. Minnie will be charged with
What is Actus Reus
Which criminal element refers to the wrongful act that constitutes a crime? or In criminal law, a prohibited act is referred to as the:
What is necessity
Christopher does, in fact, burn some of the houses under the reasonable belief that it will protect the rest of the town from the forest fire, he will be able to use the defense of necessity if he is charged with arson.
Christopher lives in a town that sits right on the edge of the Hundred Acre Woods. At the end of a hot and dry summer some brush in the woods catches fire and a forest fire quickly develops and spreads. The fire is quickly heading toward the town and Christopher believes that if he burns the row of houses directly on the edge of the forest he will create a fire wall which will then protect the rest of the town. Christopher's lawyer plans to use the defense of ___.
What is murder, manslaughter, battery, assault, kidnapping, sex offenses and hate crimes.
Crimes against People include these seven offenses.
What is battery
>Battery is defined as a physical act that results in harmful or offensive contact with another person without that person's consent.
>Touching the person of someone is defined as including not only contacts with the body, but also with anything closely connected with the body, such as clothing or an item carried in the person's hand.
A strikes the horse on which B is riding, causing B to be thrown from the horse is an example of the crime known as
What is No Crime
If the landscaper was unaware of the risk of fire to the house and it burned down there would be no arson.
Unaware of the danger, a landscaper raked a pile of leaves next to another's house and set it afire. If the flames damage the building the crime charged is ___.
What is a felony
Kidnapping usually includes unlawful imprisonment for ransom, terrorism, torture, rape or to commit __.
What is duress
Sherry is on trial for murdering George There is There is a ton of evidence to prove Sherry's guilt, so she must admit to having committed the crime, however her defense attorney surprises the jury when he explains the reason why she did it. He says that Sherry's niece had been kidnapped and the kidnappers demanded that she kill George, or else they would kill her niece. Sherry's lawyer plans to use the defense of___.
What is first-degree murder.
This was murder rather than heat of passion because the intent to kill already existed.
Defendant had suspected his wife of adultery and planned to kill her. Upon finding his wife and her lover in bed, Defendant killed them. Defendant will be charged with __.
What is not guilty
In order for the prosecution to win a conviction for this kind of assault, he must prove that the victim was actually aware of the threat and that he actually experienced fear of imminent harm.
>Here, since Donald never saw the puck coming at him he was not put in fear of imminent harm.
Marty and Donald are hockey players who, aside from playing for different teams, do not like each other very much. One night before Donald is skating around the rink to warm up Marty shoots a puck at him. Donald never sees the puck coming toward him, but luckily Marty's shot is off the mark and the puck misses Donald. One of Donald's teammates sees what Marty did and he calls the police. If Marty is charged with assault, Marty will probably be found
What is Actus Reus and maybe Mens Rea

The actus reus is established because of the possession of the narcotic.
The mens rea may not be easily established. If Martha knew the backpack contained drugs, she would have the required “state of mind”. However, if she did not know there were drugs in the backpack, there is no mens rea.
In line for a concert, a friend asked Martha to hold her bag while she went to the bathroom. A drug dog stopped in front of Martha. The police searched the friend’s bag and found a marijuana joint. Martha was charged with possession of a narcotic. Identify the element(s) to establish Martha's state of mind necessary to be found guilty.
What is denied
Under M'Naghten Test, the man's insanity defense would most likely fail because he knew the nature of his act. Generally, planning an attack or preventing detection indicates a knowledge of wrong and right. The man's actions of burying the body to escape detection from the police shows that the man knew on some level what he was doing was wrong.
A man who is mentally ill hears voices telling him that if he does not strangle his wife, he will be abducted by aliens. He fears the aliens so much that he commits the crime anyway. To prevent detection from the police he buries the body in the backyard. The man's lawyer is leading not guilty by reason of insanity using the M'Naghten standard. The man's defense will most likely be

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