Payment Solutions Payment Solutions 2.0 Bank at Work Good to know
What is no cap
What is the cap on 1.5% cash back on the Real Rewards card
What is 30% or higher
What is the target goal for Prescreen of One
What is Madison Bank at Work BDO
Who is Alex Ysquierdo
What is December 31st
When does the Packers 100th Season Legacy Ticket Customer Sweepstakes end
What is gas station purchases
What category do you earn 3% cash back on American Express Cash card
What is only Associated Bank customers and $2.50 unless a colleague or premier and private customers
Who do we sell gift cards to and what is the fee ?
What is $500 of closing costs and $300.
• $175 when you open a personal checking account
• $100 when you open a money market account
• $25 cash back awarded after your first purchase
with your new Visa® Rewards Credit Card
What are the 2 incentives for a new B@W customer?
What is name, phone number, address and email.
What information do you need to register a customer on the Employee portal for refer a friend
What is calling Elan for declined cards
What is a best practice for increasing approved credit cards
What is VISA® Platinum Card, VISA® Real Rewards Card ,Cash Rewards American Express, and Premier Rewards American Express
What are the 4 credit card we offer
What is consumer and business banking intranet page under bank at work
Where can you find your branch Master list on the intranet?
What is fill out the rate exception form and follow the rate exception guidelines which can be found in SOP
What should you do when a customer is closing their account due to the interest rate or asking to earn more interest?
What is payments and Direct Channels intranet page
Where do you find the credit card sales tools
What is every branch
What branch in the district can buy and sell foreign currency?
What is the FDIC Money Smart Young people Series
What is the series that consists of 6 modules that help Pre-K-2 students understand basic financial concepts that will help them develop positive long term money handling habits.
What is BMI, point of sale, cross sell tracker, pipeline follow up, onboarding, etc (MM discretion)
Name are 3 tools you can use to increase your cross sell
What is Roadside Dispatch, Warranty Manager Service, Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver and more
Name one of the benefits of "Visa benefits" program
What is Elan does not send gift cards anymore You have to create a login and redeem for cash
What is the typical timeline for a colleague to receive the incentive gift card from Elan?
What is Virtual Sales Contact Center: 800-236-3209
Mon. to Fri. 9 a.m. – 7 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Where do you call if the WIFI/UOpen site is not working or the customer wants to apply over the phone and during what times?
What is enter it in the Appointment tracker which automatically puts in outlook
What is the first thing you do after you set an appointment

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