Characters Setting Plot Events Miscellaneous
What is Greg Heffley
This is the main character of the story
What is Surrey Street
This is the street Greg lives on
What is the problem
This when Greg got the diary (or in his case, a journal)
What is The Wizard of Oz
This was the play Greg did
What is the class clown award
this is what Rowley is known for in the yearbook Rowley get in the yearbook
What is Rowley Jefferson
This is Gregs friend
What is Whirley Street
This was a street where the kids Greg dislikes
What is the rising action
This was when Gre had to go to bed early on New Year's Eve since Manny told on him saying he made him eat a thread
"Don't expect me to be "dear diary" this and "dear diary" that". Or "THIS IS A JOURNAL"
This is what Greg says at the beginning of the book
What is Loded Diaper
This is the band Rodrick plays in
(Extra hundred: What instrument does he play)
What is Manny Heffley
This character always says Bubby
What is Snake Road
This is the road Greg and Rowley want to trick-or-treat on Halloween
What is the falling action
this was when Greg said he ate the cheese
What is the joke book
The was how Rowley became friends with Greg
because there are kids who haven't hit their growth spurt mixed with gorillas who have to shave twice a day.
Why does Greg think middle school is the dumbest idea ever invented
What is Fregley
This is a weird kid at Greg's school
(Hint: he yells JUICE!!!! when he needs to go to the bathroom)
What is Crossland High School Haunted House
This is the haunted house Greg wants to go to in October
What is the climax
This was when Rowley ate the cheese
He closed the curtains, reset the timer, put his regular school clothes on, and told Greg he slept through the entire summer but luckily woke up on the first day of school.
How did Rodrick prank Greg
What is Jeff Kinney
This is the author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series
What is Bryce Anderson
This is the most popular kid at Greg's school
What is Anytown, USA
This is town Greg lives in
What is the resolution
This was when Greg and Rowley became friends again
Its where someone touched the cheese, and you have to pass it on to someone else by touching them, until then you're stuck with it, if someone moves away, they take it with them. The only way to protect yourself is to cross your fingers. Double: Darren Walsh, Triple: Abe Hall
What is the Cheese touch
(Double if you name the kid who started it)
(Triple if you name the kid who took it away, you can only do this if you name the double)
What is Ronnie Mccoy
This was the fastest runner in fifth grade

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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