Jake's Mom AdWords 101 Client Value Improvements AdWords Extreme
What is 1984
What year did Jake's mom give birth to Jake?
What is making money
The best benefit of using Google AdWords for your business?
What is VERY frequent and often (75% phone, 25% email)
You have a brand new client and you're just starting to build your relationship. What is the best way to communicate with them while it's early in the relationship?
Who are the 2 clients with potential
You have 6 clients and 2 of them have much more potential to grow in ad spend than your other clients. Where should you spend most of your time?
What is each time a keyword matches a search query
How often is a quality score generated for a Google AdWords keyword?
What is a pizza restaurant
If Jake's mom were to advertise her business online, what business would it be?
What is one keyword
How many unique keywords should be in each ad group per Disruptive Advertising best practices?
What is - asking her and following up on what she's thinking. Get answers.
Your client Jane sends you an email asking about her monthly agreement with us and if she gets a prorated refund if she cancels. What should you do?
What is the opportunities tab
You're managing your Google AdWords account and you need to review your account. In particular you'd like to examine how you can increase your traffic or sales volume. Which tab in the Google AdWords account will help you determine changes to increase tra
What is 40
You're creating a new campaign in Google AdWords and you need to pick the languages and location you want to target. How many different languages can you target as part of this process?
What is Janene
What is Jake's moms name?
What is set her ads to accelerated delivery
Martha is managing Google AdWords for her company. She wants her ads to be displayed as soon as possible every day and doesn't mind if all of her ads don't show across the entire day. What should she do?
What is...
- Over communicating about what you're doing
- Sending proof of latest results
You're doing good work and you know it AdWords improvements takes time, but your client isn't super stoked about the results so far. What can you do to improve the value in their eyes?
What is... include they keyword you're bidding on
What should you use the Display URL for to improve click through rates?
What is a quarter
Jane is working with her manager to create an ad campaign for her organization. For this ad
Jane's manager wants to use the CPM bid method. What is the least amount that Jane can enter for the maximum CPM bid in Google AdWords?
What is 10
How many fingers does Jake's mom have?
What is the settings tab
Which tab will you use to adjust budget, bidding option, targeting, and other campaign-level settings?
What is perceived value. Because actual value can keep being pushed higher and higher as far as expectations go.
Which is more important, perceived value or actual value, and why?
What are
- Testimonials
- CTA on button
- Headlines
- Colors
- Eyeflow
- Free Guide
and the list goes on...
What are 3 things you can test on a landing page to improve conversion rates?
What is... conversion code not being installed correctly
You're getting a ton of relevant clicks and high engagement on the landing pages but no conversions. What's most likely wrong?
What is brown
What color hair does Jake's mom have?
What is 25
What is the maximum number of characters, including spaces, the title of a text ad can have?
What is... follow up multiple times after the initial question and show that you're proactively looking for an answer for them.
Your client has a question for you that you can't answer right away, what's the best way to go about it?
What is the auction insights report
You'd like to expand your keyword selection, but you're not sure which of your competitors are the most competitive. Which tool can you use to see which other advertisers are bidding alongside with you?
What is the time lag report
You'd like to figure out how long it takes for visitors to convert on your client's site from the time they click your ad. Where do you find this intel?

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