Mechanical Energy


General Forms of Energy Light Energy Sound Solar Energy
What is Energy
The ability to work
What is Sound Energy
A type of wave in motion
What is a straight line
The way light travels
What are vibrations
How sound energy is produced
What is the sun
Source of Solar Energy
What is Kinetic Energy
Energy that is in motion
What is Thermal/Heat Energy
Comes from the motion of tiny particles in matter
What are shadows
Places where straight lines of light are blocked
What is decibels
Sound is measured in this
What is a Solar collector
Used to get solar energy from the sun
What is Potential Energy
Stored energy
What is Electrical energy
Associated with the flow of electrons
What is non-luminous
Objects that reflect light
What is the speed of sound
767 miles per hour
What are components of a PV array
PV Cells, Modules
What is the sun
Source of Solar Energy
What is Light Energy
Form of energy that travels in waves and can move where there is no air
What is absorption
The process of stopping light
What are states of matter that sound travels through
Solids, liquids, gas
What are advantages of Solar Energy
Clean, sustainable, free, provide electricity to remote places
What are forms of energy
Mechanical, Thermal, Electrical, Light, Sound
What is Mechanical Energy
Energy of motion that does the work
What are the colors of the rainbow
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet
What is the way that sound starts
Mechanical movement
What are disadvantages of Solar Energy
Less efficient and costly equipment, Part time, Reliability of PV Cell Production
What is a swinging motion
Type of motion a tire uses to create potential and mechanical energy

Energy Forms

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