Sterility and Infertility Sexuality and Affection Geological State of the Planet Unwomen, Unbabies and the Colonies
What are the doctors
Referenced as Angel makers, these people were what before Gilead?
What are arranged marriages
This is what the commander believes works better than falling in love.
What are whales?
This species of animal is known as extinct by the people of Gilead or at least by Offred.
What is an unbaby
During the chapter where Ofwarren is giving birth, what do the handmaid's worry she will give birth to?
What is Sterility
This possibility is technically not official for men but is for women in Gilead.
What is the ceremony
What does the commander believe is not recreational and is completely serious business?
What are precious natural resources?
The underground espionage ring has been smuggling this across the border into Canada?
What are the radioactive colonies
"Before your nose falls off and your skin pulls away like rubber gloves." These effects come from?
What is agriculture: cotton and tomatoes?
What other types of colonies were mentioned in the book other than radioactive cleaning colonies?

Environmental Disasters - Handmaid's Tale

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