Authentication Quality Adjustments PRE-ARB Chargebacks
SOTA Code.
What is one of the forms of authentication you can get to verify a Wells Fargo Team Member?
90 seconds.
How long should a customer remain on hold before you check in / refresh them?
Provisional Credit was issued for the fraudulent items at the time of the claim's filing.
What does it mean when we say a transaction was "SLX'd" or "Enhanced" e.g AF=SLX/ENH
Pre-arbitration- When a Merchant attempts to reject the bank's Chargeback
What is a Pre Arb?
When we attempt to recover the funds from the merchant.
What is a chargeback?
No; Only First and Last Name must be provided.
Does the customer have to confirm the suffix on their name?
The Call Monitoring or Recording Disclosure.
When connecting a call with Language line for assistance, it is required that you repeat which element of your universal greeting?
Dispute Referral (F036) Letter.
When completing a rebill and referral to Non-Fraud Claims, what is the appropriate letter to send the customer?
Contract the merchant and settle directly.
When a customer calls in to validate a Declined Pre Arb, what would we advise the customer?
3-5 business days
How long does it take the merchant to receive their funds once a Charge back has been reversed ?
Passwords may be added or removed only by the primary or secondary cardholder.
Credit Card Passwords may only be added or removed by whom?
-Transactions over 120 days in age
-Claims with Gross fraud over $1000.00
-Taking in EMV charges with card in possession over $150.
Under what guidelines is leader approval required before processing additional fraud on a U-status Claim?
When Booking restitution for merchant credits, would you enter restitution as a positive or negative number.
30 days.
How many days do the merchant have to Pre Arb a transaction after the Chargeback?
Advised the customer they would have to contact the merchant
What do you do if a customer validates a charge with a chargeback that is over 30 days?
POA=Power of Attorney
You would check the customers account notes/memos
Or the POA can be listed under the authentication tab in Prevent
What is POA and how can you determine if the customer has a POA?
Both; we should always attempt to verify any missing token.
After completing authentication, you notice that both Mother's Maiden Name and Email Address Fields are both blank, which tokens are we required to attempt to update?
TL=06 as all fraud transactions are MOTO
Calculate Loss Type given that Cardholder has reported plastic as stolen;' all claimed activity POS: MOTO
Email the Repre team member assigned to the case and communicate the update.
If a customer calls to validate a transaction and we see a memo in First track stating "Incoming Pre-arb Response" what action would you take to have the case resolved?
Advise the customer to contact the merchant and direct them to VISA or their Merchant Services.
A customer calls to report a merchant has not received their funds even after a chargeback reversal has been completed. What course of action would you advise the customer to take?
The "NM AFR" Screen.
If a caller fails authentication and you suspect possible ATO, which screen in FDR would allow you to place an A38 Block?
!Customer Inquiry - security/fraud Invest process or timeframe
While speaking with a customer regarding their claim, they express dissatisfaction with not receiving immediate credit stating "This would never happen at Bank of America. They pay me immediately!". which inquiry / ZZ tracking option would best fit this scenario?
Account Tokens,
Account Open / Close Date.
Transaction Activity.
Location where account was opened.
If a caller who's claiming fraudulent application is not able to be authenticated, what information should not be released while discussing their claim?
If the customer calls back regarding a pre arb outbound call, and the notes state pre arb has been accepted and taking a loss. Customer validate the charge-what would you do?
Dispute or Chargeback Credit
What does the entry "UNPOSTED ITEM" indicate?

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