Seizure Definitions Diagnostics Interventions Pharmacolgical Nursing Process
What is epilepsy
Condition in which person has spontaneous recurring seizures caused by underlying chronic condition
What is an EEG
Continuous monitoring to detect abnormalities and help determine the type of seizure
What is turn your patient to the side lying position
What position would you turn a pt who is seizing?
What is phenytoin
This drug is given IV via pump, with tubing that has a filter, because it is hard on the veins
What is a medical alert bracelet
What a patient wears to communicate important information to first responders
What is tonic-clonic seizures
This type of seizure is characterized by the stiffening of the body and jerking of extremities.
What is a Video EEG
This will determine a definitive diagnosis of seizures with impairment of consciousness
What is ensure patent airway
What is the first thing you would assess for in patient who is seizing?
What is IV lorazepam (Ativan) and diazepam (Valium)
This drug treats status epilepticus
What is diet and exercise
Assist to identify events or situations preciptating seizures- avoid if possible
avoid excessive alcohol, fatigue, and loss of sleep
What interventions can nurses implement to prevent seizures from occurring?
What is Postictal phase
A patient is confused, combative, and fatigued. Which phase is the patient in?
What is CBC, serum chemistries, liver and kidney function, UA
Which lab values would you test for in a patient presenting seizures?
What is VS, LOC, O2 saturation, GCS scale, pupil size and reactivity
What would you monitor for in a patient once the seizure has passed?
What is drug serum levels
Monitor for this if seizures continue to occur, frequency of seizures increases, or drug compliance is questioned
importance of adherence to medication (not to adjust dose without physician)
Emergency management
Medical alert bracelets
Emotional support and coping mechanism
What are 2 things that you would teach the patient and their family?
What is Status Epilepticus
State of constant seizure or condition when seizures recur without return to consciousness between seizures
What is a CT or MRI
This is performed when there is a new onset of seizures to rule out structural lesions
what is a vagal nerve stimulation
An electrode placed around the left vagus nerve in the neck, connected to a battery under the skin in the upper chest.
What is abnormal blood structure, quality, or function (blood dyscarasia)
Tapering off antiseizure drugs abruptly can cause
What is be free from injury during seizure
Have optimal mental and physical functioning while taking antiseizure medications
Have satisfactory psychosocial functioning
Planning: What are 2 overall goals for a patient with seizures?
What is a Partial seizure
This type of seizure is caused by focal irritations, localized brain involvement, aura present before seizure. Does not involve loss of consciousness, rarely last longer than a minute
What is Magnetoencephalography
This is performed in conjunction with EEG. Has a greater sensitivity for detecting small magnetic fields generated by neuro activity
What is a ketogenic diet (high fat, low protein and carb diet)
What Intervention is recommended for pediatric patients who have seizures
What is stabilizes nerve cell membranes and prevent spread of epileptic discharge
Drug therapy is aimed at prevention. What is the overall MOA of antiepileptic drugs?
What is ineffective breathing pattern
risk for injury
ineffective coping
ineffective self-health management
What are 2 nursing diagnoses?

General Seizures

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