Girl Scout History


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What is a Thin Mint?
This cookie is covered in chocolate with a cool minty center.
What is someone's house?
When selling cookies door to door a Girl Scout never enters this
What is $4.00?
A box of cookies cost this
What is the founder of the girl scouts?
Juliette Gordon Lowe is important for this reason.
What is "Thank you for supporting Girl Scouts."
This customer told me that they had already bought cookies from a girls Scout that lives in their neighborhood. So I told them this
What is a Peanut Butter Patty?
This cookie is covered in chocolate with a peanut butter center.
What is an adult?
Where ever a Girl Scout is selling cookies she is always accompanied by one of these
What is $16.00?
A customer buys 4 boxes of cookies, and gives me $20.00, how much change do I give her?
What is birthplace of Juliette Gordon Lowe?
Savannah, Georgia is important for this reason.
What is "You can buy a box to donate!"
A customer said that they would like to buy cookies but are on a diet. I told her this.
What is a S'mores?
I'm the newest cookie.
What is her last name?
A Girl Scout never gives out this
What is 2 boxes?
A customer owes me $8.00 for the cookies he bought. He bought this many boxes.
What is Daisy?
This was Juliette Gordon Lowe's nickname.
What is camping?
Our troop did this with some of the money we earned.
What is the Carmel Delight?
I am made with coconut, carmel and drizzled with chocolate.
What is my Girl Scout vest/sash?
So people know that I am a Girl scout I wear this every time I am selling Girl Scout cookie
What is $24.00?
Six boxes of cookies cost how much
What is the Girl Scout promise?
"On my honor, I will try..."
What is Girl Run Business?
The cookie Program is the largest
What is the Shortbread?
I was the first Girl Scout cookie ever sold.
What is the buddy system?
As Girl Scout we use this system to make sure we are watching out for each other
What is $48.00
Someone bought a case of thin mints. How much money do they have to pay
I'm a member of the Dough Getters Club, because I sold this many boxes of cookies
What is a check?
We can not take this form of payment.
What is Juliette Lowe's birthday!
October 31 is special for what reason.

Girl Scout Cookies (GSEP/SU 618)

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