Set 1 Set 2
A Theocracy
What type of government passes laws based on the beliefs of their religion?
Whoever controls the Strait of Gibraltar controls the trade and transportation route in and out of the Mediterranean Sea.
What is the reason people fought over the area known as the Strait of Gibraltar which links links Spain and Morocco? (Show map if possible to students)
Japan manufactures products with the resources and then exports those products.
Japan is a group of islands and must import natural resources from other countries. What does Japan do with these natural resources?
d. Wearing layers of warm clothing
Which of the following is NOT a way people have modified their physical environment:
a. Building roads
b. Developing and using air conditioning.
c. Planting crops
d. Wearing layers of warm clothing
All located along rivers
What is a common feature that all cities of ancient Mesopotamia had?
Market economy
What is another name for free enterprise?
Christianity, Islam and Judaism (in any order)
What are three examples of a monotheistic religion? we created a Monotheistic (one God) chart with Ms. Botkin on these three religions.

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