Rick Victor Ilsa Supporting Roles Plot Lines (The stories)
What is: Where Rick hid the exit visas
Inside the Piano
What is Victor's last name?
What is the last name of Ilsa
What are the letter's of transit?
What did Ugarte give Rick?
When did the story takes place.
Beginning of WWII
What is: where Rick and Ilsa met
Paris 1941
Where did Victor escape from?
Concentration camp
What is the color of Ilsa's dress when she and Rick were in Paris
Who is Carl
The maitre d'hotel of Rick's Cafe
What is how Ugarte got the letters of transit
By murdering German Couriers
What is the name of Rick's bar
Cafe Americaine
What group was Victor a leader of?
Free French Resistance
What is why Ilsa left Rick waiting at the train station
She found out her husband was alive.
Who is Abdul
The doorman at Rick's Cafe.
Who is Major Strasser.
He was shot at the airport
What is Rick's last name
What is how long Victor was in the German Concentration camp.
One year
What is Ilsa's last line in the movie.
"God Bless You"
What is the Blue Parrot Cafe?
Senior Ferrari's bar
What did Renault throw into the trash can after he shot Strasser.
A bottle of Vichy Water
What what did Rick do in 1935?
Ran guns to Ethopia
What is where Victor Lazlo from
What was the song she asked Sam to play
"As Time Goes By"
What is "Everybody comes to Rick's"
Renault said this about Rick's bar
Why were all the refugees in Casablanca
Because they couldn't get to Lisbon
What is "Louis, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship."
The very last line of the movie.

GPS Storytelling "Casablanca"

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