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Who is Pink Floyd
This UK psychadelic band created albumns titled "Wish You Were Here" and "Dark Side of the Moon" (special thanks AKP for making me listen to them driving you to school)
Who is Jeff Bezos
This person is currently the richest man in the world but after his upcoming divorce he drops a few notches
What is The Reason by Hoobastank
I'm not a perfect person / There's many things I wish I didn't do / But I continue learning / I never meant to do those things to you / And so I have to say before I go / That I just want you to know
What is flamingo
This is the national bird of the Bahamas
Who is Janet Yellen
She was America's first female Fed chair (2015-2018)
What is lotus
This is the national flower of India, its root it popular to eat among Buddhist, and it comes in white
What is Billions
This show tells the story of hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod
What is Boys by Britney Spears
For whatever reason / I feel like I've been wanting you all my life / You don't understand? / I'm so glad we're at the same place / At the same time, it's over now
What is pink Himalyan salt lamp
This lamp became popular because of its ability to deodorize the air, helping in treating insomnia, and improving concentration
What is Elbow Beach or Horseshoe Beach
Bermuda has multiple pink snd beaches, name one
Who is Christine Lagarde
This chief of the IMF withdrew her opportunity to speak at Smith in 2014

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