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What is California?
What are the Articles of Confederation?
Not to be confused with a newspaper these "Articles" preceded the U.S. Constitution by eight years.
What is Buster?
Gerald Dempsey Posey III is better known by this nickname.
What is Yahtzee?
It's the only decathlon game that rhymes with the word "Nazi."
Who is Jordan?
This Michael won six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls.
What is Oregon?
Who is John Adams?
He was the first vice president of the United States.
What is a bunt?
A weak cut at the plate might result in a swinging this.
What is dominoes?
Traditionally, the first player to have at least 50 points at the end of a round wins this game.
Who is Douglas?
This actor's father was also an actor. His elder lived to age 103.
What is Kansas?
What is the Manhattan Project?
This codename for the development of nuclear weapons during World War II includes the name of a New York borough.
What is balk?
A misstep by the man on the mound may result in this, letting runners advance one base.
What is Monopoly?
This decathlon game is usually played last.
Who is J. Fox?
This former actor has his own foundation, which funds embryonic stem cell studies.
What is Ohio?
What is the Soviet Union?
The Truman Doctrine was a policy aimed at containing this world power.
What is batter's eye?
It's the nickname for the center field area, as it may appear to the hitter.
What is casino?
It's the only card game in the decathlon that involves scoring points.
Who is Keaton?
He's portrayed both Batman and Beetlejuice.
What is Vermont?
Who are Nixon and JFK?
The closest presidential election in terms of popular vote, with the winner receiving just 0.1% more votes than the loser, came between these two candidates.
Who is Burt Blyleven?
This alliterative Hall-of-Fame starting pitcher started his career with the Minnesota Twins.
What is Aggravation?
This decathlon game's title is a synonym for irritation.
Who is Faraday?
Born in 18th Century England, this Michael an English scientist was a major influence in the fields electromagnetism and electrochemistry.

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