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Who is Alex Trebek?
This Canadian has hosted "Jeopardy!" since 1984.
What is Benes?
It's Elaine's last name.
What is "Million Dollar Baby"?
Clint Eastwood directed and starred alongside Hilary Swank in this 2004 Best Picture winner.
Who is John Wick?
He's killed more than 300 bad guys over the course of his first three movies.
What are chips?
Napoleon: "Stay home and eat all the ____, Kip."
Who is Brooke Burns?
She's the host of the U.S. versions of both "The Chase" and "Mastermind."
Who are Lomez and Bob Sacamano?
One of Kramer's two close friends who never appear on screen.
Who is Joaquin Phoenix?
He's the most recent recipient of the Best Actor award.
What is Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty?
These two major New York City landmarks get blown up by the alien mothership in "Independence Day."
What is cage fighter?
Kip: "We both know I'm training to become a ____ _____."
What is sports gambler?
Prior to his historic run on "Jeopardy," record-setter James Holzhauer worked in this profession.
What is one year?
In "The Finale," Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer are sentenced to this length of time in jail for violating the Good Samaritan Law.
What is Monday?
Prior to 1999, the Academy Awards were held on this day of the week instead of Sunday?
Who is John McClane?
Bruce Willis portrays this "Die Hard" protagonist.
What is front?
Uncle Rico: "Well do you know it backwards and ____?"
What is $10,000?
"The $100,000 Pyramid" originated with this dollar amount as the top prize in the early 1970s.
What is Kenny Rogers?
Kramer has trouble sleeping after a bright red billboard from this restaurant gets installed across the street from his apartment.
What is "Wings"?
This 1927 silent film was the first Best Picture winner.
Who is Roger Moore?
This actor has played James Bond in seven films, a record.
What is Tina?
Napoleon: "_____, you fat lard, come get some dinner."
What is "Twenty-One"?
The rigging of this Jack Barry-hosted game show in the 1950s served as the central subject of the 1994 film "Quiz Show."
What is Reggie's?
In "The Bizzaro Jerry," Jerry refers to this diner as the "Bizarro coffee shop."
What is "Goldfinger"?
This was the first James Bond movie to win an Oscar; it won for Best Sound Effects.
What is the T-1000?
This robot was the villain in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day."
What is a quarter-mile?
Uncle Rico: "Back in '82, I used to be able to throw a pigskin _____."

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