Criteria for Internet Research Internet Assignment Guidelines Mixture of Internet Criteria/Assignment Guidelines
What is the first step in the internet research process?
Tracing the Cybersearch Path
What is having a variety of different sources such as books, journals and online material?
Maintaining a Balance of Sources
According to the criteria for internet research, what must students do after tracing the cybersearch path?
Evaluate Significance of the Problem
What is a statement generated by students that indicates to teachers that students fully understand the material?
Synthesis Statement
What is refers to students checking on the background of a site, before a source from the web is used?
Evaluate Site Reliability
According to the internet assignment guidelines, which step does logging out from the site take place?
Final Step of the Internet Assignment Guidelines
What is the value of how the material found online can be applied to the classroom?
Application Value
What is demonstrated by students' avoiding plagiarism?
Ethical Behavior
According to the criteria for conducting internet research, when should the student recognize contexts where personal growth is needed?
Last Criterion for Conducting Internet Research
What is the process of making sure that the sources used from the internet are reliable?
Assessing the Credibility of Sources
After conducting research online via sites that require students to log in, what must students do to keep their information secure?
Log Out From the Site
What takes place after providing a synthesis statement and before accessing the credibility of sources?
Determining the Application Value
What is the process of conducting self-evaluations of technological competence to make sure that someone is keeping up to date with technological innovations?
Recognizing Contexts Where Personal Growth is Needed
What is the process of parents preventing children and adolescents from accessing adult material online?
Making Use of Parental Controls
What takes place after determining a topic and before being sure to maintain a balance of sources?
Locate Appropriate Search Engines

How to Conduct Research Online

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