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Thanks For Cumming! What Gets The Motor Runnin? Everything LGBTQ From Top to Bottom Don't Be Silly, Wrap Your Willy! Do you know your Pee Pee and Who-Ha?
What is Missionary
The term for man on top, woman on bottom
What is Cunnilingus
The official term for eating a woman out
Who is a homosexual, transgender female
Born as a male and identifies as female; this person is also attracted to women
What is pubic lice
This little creature leaves nits, sores, and adverse skin reactions in your pubic region
What is penis
Exterior male organ used for penetrative sex and urination
What is Reverse Cowgirl
The position where one partner is superior to another and facing their feet
What is heavy petting
The type of foreplay that involves touching the breasts or genitals while naked
What is Grindr
This popular dating app is utilized by homosexual men and is known for its messaging, picture messaging, and location conveniences.
What is Gonorrhea
Meaning "the flow of semen" in Greek, gave those who were infected a ‘clapping sensation’
What is Fallopian Tubes/Oviducts
The place inside a woman where fertilization occurs
What is the Goddess
The position where one partner is riding the other partner's face in reverse
What is Tribadism
The type of foreplay where two women are rubbing their vulvas against each other with pelvic thrusting motions
What is the pride flag
Originally 8, now 6 colors that represent: life, healing, sunlight, nature, serenity, and spirit; it is often displayed at parades and events
What is AIDS
Since the 1980’s, this STD has afflicted the lives of well over 1,200,000 people in the United States, with near 18,000 new infections in the year of 2015.

What is clitoris
The female body part that has no other purpose other than pleasure
What is Rusty Trombone
The position where one partner is giving the other partner anilingus while stroking the penis
What is Bondage & Disclipline/Domination, Submission/Satism and Masochism
The acronym BDSM stands for this
Who is Ellen DeGeneres
This comedian and actress is unforgettable and has earned the prestigious Medal of Freedom in 2016 for her inspiration and work
What is Syphilis
An infection with mild or few symptoms at first, but may lead to rashes in the secondary stage and to blindness, paralysis, and tumors in latent stages.

What is epididymis
The place where sperm mature and are stored
What is Yab Yum
The Tibetan pose called "father-mother", representing the union of wisdom and compassion. The individuals would represent the Yin and Yang symbol.
What is nebulophilia
The fetish in which a person is aroused by fog
What is the Stonewall Riots
An uprising to the targeted police raids in June, 1969; this movement is an earmark for LGBTQ rights and recognition
What is Chlamydia
Causing genital discharge and painful urination; this disease may lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and sterilization. It is also the most commonly reported STD in the United States.
What is endometrium, myometrium and perimetrium
The three layers that make up the uterus from innermost to outermost

Human Sexuality

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