Red Wine
What is Jacqueline’s favourite drink?
Red wine
What’s Dave’s favourite drink?
Jac - Rescue
Dave - Putter
What is Jac and Dave’s favourite golf club in their bag?
(Get 1 of 2 correct)
7 Numbers Restaurant
Where was their first date?

Where are they going on their honeymoon?

How many tries did it take Jacqueline to get her drivers license?
What is Dave’s favourite food?
Jac - Least Favourite #5 ; Favourite #3
Dave - Least Favourite #5 ; Favourite #13
What is Jac and Dave’s least favourite hole at Bayview?
What is Jac and Dave’s favourite hole at Bayview?
(Get 2 of 4 correct)
Their House
Where did they get engaged?
50 Guests
How many people have been invited to the wedding?
(Within 3)
Atrium Innovations
What Company does Jacqueline work for?
Marner or Matthews
What Maple Leaf player is on the back of Dave’s game day jersey?

Jac - Banff Springs
Dave - Congress Lake
What is Jac and Dave’s favourite golf course?
(Get 1 of 2 correct)
November 2016
When did they start dating? (Month and year)
What guest will travel the farthest to the wedding?
How many school’s has Jacqueline attended?
25 years
How long has Dave worked for Smuckers?
Jac - 88, Kiawah Island
Dave - 69, Bayview CC
What are Jac and Dave’s lowest golf scores?
(Within 2 strokes)
What’s their favourite family activity on the weekend?
September 14th
What date is the Bayview reception?
Steak (rare) :)
What’s Jacqueline’s favourite food?
Kilimanjaro, Africa
Where has Dave not vacationed but would like to go?
25 years
How many years difference between the Lemmon’s Bayview membership and the Cooper membership?
(Within 2 years)
Steak with Portobello Mushrooms, Brussel Sprouts & Caesar Salad
What’s their favourite meal to make together?
(Get 2 of 4 items)
What is the year of construction for the original Banff hotel current main block?
(Within 10 years)
595 Days
How many days are there between their engagement and their wedding?

Jac and Lem - Engagement Party

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