My -Igga Georgia on My Mind Cocks Wow! What a Good Meme! "The" Movies
What is nigga?
This 2016 internet video tells a story of a man's friend who was killed by a hernia; it's entitled "I Really Miss My..."
What is Atlanta?
This city in Georgia has the world's seventh-busiest city airport system by passenger traffic annually, and also houses the headquarters of Turner broadcasting.
What is a rooster?
This euphemistic, less sexualized word for a cock emerged in the United States from around the 1770s.
What is Pepe the Frog?
In 2016, this harmless-appearing meme was named a alt-right symbol by the ADL.
What is The Avengers?
This 2012 blockbuster features a plethora of iconic superheroes, like the Hulk and Captain America.
What is a wigga?
A slang term used to refer to a white person who emulates the perceived mannerisms of black culture, specifically hip-hop.
What is Outkast?
This Georgia-born hip-hop duo made the number one single "Hey Ya!" in 2003.
What is a cockfight?
This contest held between two gamecocks is now banned in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as of 2008.
What is "Press F to pay respects?"
This action prompt from Call of Duty quickly became a memetic way to commemorate the dead.
What is The Godfather?
This Italian mob movie is about the Corleone family and stars Marlon Brando in his last years of acting.
What is Jigga?
This became one of Jay-Z's many nicknames when he mispronounced the word "giga" when answering a question in high school.
What is Georgia Tech University?
"Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate" is what it's called when the Georgia Bulldogs and this in-state rival meet on the gridiron.
What is the University of South Carolina?
This southeastern University uses the gamecock as its mascot, and has been since 1900.
What is a "normie?"
This sometimes derogatory term describes someone who is out of the know relating to the "dankest" internet memes.
What is The Theory of Everything?
This is biographical romantic drama is set at Cambridge University and details the life of one of the world's finest theoretical physicists.
What is the BIGGA?
This English association represents the interests of greenkeepers and progresses and develops the profession of greenkeeping.
What is Driving Miss Daisy?
This film shot in Georgia won the 1989 Oscar for best picture and featured great performances by acting greats like Morgan Freeman and Dan Aykroyd.
Who is Karthikeya?
This Hindu war god is generally depicted with a rooster on his flag.
What is "Andy Sixx's log of shit?"
This forced meme surrounding the lead singer from the band Black Veil Brides originates from /b/ and takes the phrase "shitpost" to a whole new meaning.
What is The Artist?
This 2011 French drama was directed as a black-and-white silent film and won the Academy Award for best picture.
What is ligga?
This Swedish word refers to lying down or becoming situated, but can also refer to the act of telling an untruth.
What is the Little White House?
This small house in Warm Springs, Georgia served as the summer residence of President Franklin D. Roosevelt while he was being treated for polio.
What are galliformes or gallinaceous birds?
Taxonomically, chickens are classified in this category, which is home to 290 species and includes quail, peafowl, and turkeys.
Who is Meme Man?
This poorly made 3D character is amongst the most iconic of stars in the surreal and absurdist meme genre.
What is The Prince of Tides?
This 1991 romantic drama tells the story of a young man's struggle to cope with the psychological damage of living in a highly dysfunctional, rural family.


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