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Who is GUBA?
An acronym for Great University Bear of Alberta, this brown bear is one of the school's two mascots along with Patches who is a female panda bear.
What are Spartans?
Located only 30.0 kilometres from the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, student-athletes at nearby Trinity Western University, the only post-secondary institution in CIS, must sign an agreement called the Community Covenant before they are al
What is nasty?
Current Bears head coach Chris Morris has introduced a new mantra for his team based on the one he had while playing with the Edmonton Eskimos. Whereas the Bears one is B.O.M.B.— Brothers of Mean Bears — the Eskimos slogan was B.O.N.E. — Brotherhood of __
What are Nova Scotia, Alberta, and Ontario?
The past three sports editor of the Gateway have all come from three different regions of the country signified by the fact that they come from these three provinces whose licence tags read "Canada's Ocean Playground," "Wild Rose Country," and "Yours to D
What is six?
England, Wales, Ireland, Italy, France, and Scotland all make up the teams that play in this annual
European rugby tournament so named "The ___ Nations" because of how many countries play in the tourney.
What is California?
Located in this state this school also goes by the nickname the Golden Bears — fitting since the animal is also featured on the state's flag and the word gold is also in the state's nickname.
What is Sherbrooke?
Located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, the francophone UdeS and Bishop's University battle it out every year in this city which also hosted the 2013 Canada Summer Games.'
What are the RedBlacks?
Instead of opting to name their team the Rough Riders or the Renegades the 2014 Ottawa CFL ownership opted to go with this unique, albeit, strange name.
What is the Journal?
2008 and 2009 sports editors and Campus Sports Connection radio hosts Nick Frost and Evan Daum both had stints at this popular Edmonton newspaper after their Gateway days while Frost actually had the opportunity to cover the 2012 Olympics for the London-b
What are North and South America?
Called the Pan-Am games, this multi-sport competition will only host nations from these two continents.
What is triathlon?
Former U of A student-athlete, Paula Findlay collapsed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in this sport which combines the disciplines of swimming, cycling, and running.
What is Halifax?
Known as the pub capital of Canada due it's high number drinking establishments per capita, frosh attending St. Mary's or Dalhousie must be 19 if they want to wind down after the game in this Maritime capital.
What are the Ti-Cats?
This steel city 2012 Juno Group of the Year The Arkells penned a tribute to the local football team called "The ___s are hummin'"
What is the Gateway?
2010 sports editor Matt Hirji joined Venture Publishing after his stint on the staff. 2011 Sports Editor Becky Medel currently works at VUE Weekly a free weekly edmonton newspaper . 2012 sports editor continued the tradition of continuing to work for a n
What is cricket?
The ICC, the world governing body for this sport, made the decision to limit the teams at the upcoming 2015 world cup, all but ensuring that Canada will not be playing.
What is the football team?
He was the winningest coach in Golden Bears hockey history leading the team to 6 national championships. But Clare Drake's other accomplishment was leading this U of A team to it's first national title in the 1967 Vainer Cup.
What is Queen's?

Despite being located in Kingston, Elizabeth II would have been extremely disappointed in this prestigious school's band had she heard about their crass songs mocking the crosstown cadets at the Royal Military College of Canada.
What is Seattle?
Before becoming a member of Canada's bobsled team, Hec Crighton winner, Jesse Lumsden attended training camp in this Northwest NFL city before joining the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2005.
Who is Mark Spector?
This former Gateway sports editor currently hosts his own radio show on Team 1260 and is a columnist for Sportsnet.ca.
What is netball?
Known as the female version of basketball this sport, popular in Commonwealth countries also takes it's name from the name of the goal.
What is field hockey?

The zamboni driver must have breathed a sigh of relief after he was told that it was actually this Pandas sports team, and not Howie Draper's squad, that was being cut after the 2011 season.
What is basketball?
Besides being the national capital of the country, Ottawa also play hosts to the highest attended CIS sports event of the year between Carleton University and the University of Ottawa in this sport. No doubt organizers of the newly reinstated Panda Bowl h
Who are the Eskimos?

This team is only one of two CFL franchises to not make the Grey Cup this decade and got it's colours back in 1949 when the local university's football team lent them some of their jerseys
Who is Bob Stauffer?
This former sports editor is a current radio analyst for the Edmonton Oilers on the radio as well as the host for Oilers Now.
What is Qatar?
Doha is the capital of this Arabic country which will play host to 2022 FIFA World Cup.


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