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What is I Wanna Dance With Somebody?
A Whitney Hustion song first released in 1987 involving the art of dance.
What is Kidde City?
The place you shopped for your toys.
Hint: My mascot was a kangaroo.
Who is Elmer Fudd?
This Looney Tunes character was iconicly known for carrying a shot gun.
What is the Berlin Wall?
The fall of this solid stone structure symbolized the end of the iron curtain.
What is Pennsylvaina?
In what U.S state did the bible students originaly began examining the bible during the 1800's.
What is "Against all Odds"?
A Grammy Award winning song of the year by Phill Collins 1894
What is the Funk-O - Mart?
The place where you purchased your albums downtown.
What is "Lamb Chops Sing Along"?
This song never ended in this 90's children tv series.
What is Vietnam?
A horrific war that ended in the 1970's was fought in this east asian country.
Who is Joseph F. Rutterford?
Who was the Second President of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.
Who is Anita Baker?
"I gave you the best that I got" in this 1988 song.
What is Sears?
Whenever my brother needed a new pair of tough skinned jeans we headed over to this place.
What is Silver Spoons?
This 80's tv show featured Rick Shroder, Joel Higgins, and Alfonso Rubero.
Who is César Chávez?
This Mexican American civil rights leader was often compared to Dr. Martain Luther King Jr.
What is The Photo Drama of Creation?
In 1914 this was one of the first major moving pictures produced by the bible students.
What is "Never too much"?
Luther Vandross 1981 song involving more than a little.
What is Roy Rogers?
We could get a burger and chicken from this resturant who's mascot was a horse.
Who is Woody Woodpecker?
This mischevious bird often rivaled looney tunes characters as the title character in this series.
What is Amazon?
This major online retail store was launched July 15th of 1994.
What is 1988?
In what year did was the insight book first published.
Who is Michael Jackson?
This Musican/Preformer started something with this song.
What is Gino's ?
This fastfood hamburger place left the philladelphia area in 1982 how we miss it's Classic, Giant, and Junior burgers.
Who is Chim-Chim?
The name of Speed Racer's furry compainion.
What is 2019?
In what year did president Trump sign the PACT bill into law banning the practice of crushing, burning, drowning, suffocating, and impaling animals.
What is 1927?
In what year was the first yearbook of Jehovah's Wittnesses Published?

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