Weird food names CreepyPastas Water bottles . . . And once we switch, you don’t know which is which MORE NICKY TRIVIA!!!
What is a watermelon
H2O melon
What is slender man
This creepy pasta is known for its long arms, and it gets its name from its body shape.
What is 6
Exactly how many mood water bottles do we have
What are rays and rays
The sun produces this & this is an mlb team
What is 9
This is my baseball number
What are raisins
This fruit is typically used in desserts, cereal, muffins, and trail mix.
What is Fazbear’s pizzeria
Don’t be a security guard with a night shift at this restaurant after the traumatic events in 1987 happened there.
What is Benet water bottle
The fine edition to my collection, except it’s not made from plastic
What are hair & glare
Grandpa bob doesn’t have this & the thing you don’t want when you’re driving
What is 1 mark
I got this many marks on my card at SSCM
What is a dragon fruit
Named for its looks, this fruit looks like an egg from a fictional creature
Who is siren head
The newest creepypasta has features like the transformer bumblebee, in communicating terms, but this creature can also take the voices from people he ate.
What is box water
Before the mood water bottle, Nikolas usually drank out of this kind of container.
Who are Chewbacca & alpaca
The Wookiee & a South American mammal related to a llama
What is Babcia’s house
My first level I made in Mario maker took about 3 hours to make, and I did it at this location.
What is purple yams
The new ice cream nikolas’s likes is made from this food.
Who is Herobrine
This creepypasta is not usually scary since it comes from this pixelated video game.
What is Gatorade bottle
Basketball practice/games
What are crank & tank
The thing you do to a lever & a highly armored automobile.
What is 1 game
I got to pitch this many games at Cooperstown.
What is a blood orange
A gory fruit
What is the Russian sleep experiment
This creepypasta isn’t a character, but is a failed experiment.
What is the Johnson water bottles
The nickname Nikolas gave for the bigger water bottles with a Little nozzle on top.
What are towel & trowel
Used to dry yourself off & a tool used for the garden
What is sky blue
This was my old second favorite color.

Jeopardy with nicky

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