Sentencing O.J. Simpson Defences "Law"
What's is absolute discharge?
This sentence allows an offender to be released back into society without any conditions.
What is football?
In 1968 OJ won the Heisman
Trophy for this sport while playing for Southern California.
What is alibi?
This defence states an accused was elsewhere at the time of the crime.
What is mother-in-law
Your wife's/husband's mum
What is Parole?
This sentence is a conditional release with supervision.
Who is Mark Fuhrman?
This detective found the bloodied gloves at Nicole's house and OJ's estate.
What is Double Jeopardy?
"A woman framed for her husband's murder suspects he is still alive; as she has already been tried for the crime, she can't be re-prosecuted if she finds and kills him." The tagline to this 1999 movie/defence.
What it a lawn
A stretch of open, grass-covered land, especially one closely mowed, as near a house
What's is Community Service?
This sentence benefits the society with volunteer work.
What is racism?
The main defense used by OJ's lawyers to convince the jury of a police conspiracy.
What is Non-insane automatism?
Examples of this defence are committing actions while sleep-walking, acquiring a head injury, or Physical Disease.
What is a lawyer
You could be paying this professional up to $1000/hr to help you convince the judge you didn't do it
What is the death penalty?
This sentence ensures a permanent deterrence of crime from the offender.
What's is armed robbery, and kidnapping?
In 2008 OJ was charged and found guilty and is currently serving time for this crime.
What is Defence of Dwelling?
The defence used when a man with a gun breakas into your house and you disable him with a baseball bat.
What is the Law abiding Citizen
This 2009 movie featuring Leonidas and Django about a man who decides to take justice into his own hands.
What are fines?
This sentence can cost a lot.
What is "The Terminator"
This 1984 James Cameron Sci-Fi film had considered O.J. to play it's main role until producers had decided he was "too nice" to play a cold-blooded killing machine.
What is Entrapment?
An example of this defence is a police officer bribing you to commit a crime against the law.
What is an outlaw
Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Butch Cassidy, John Marston

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