Definitions Theories Characteristics of a Leader General
The ability to influence a group toward the achievement of goals.
What is leadership?
Trait theory:
 Leaders are born, not made.
Behavioral theory: 
Leadership traits can be taught.
Match the statements to the correct theory. Either trait theory or behavioral theory.

1) Leaders are born, not made.
2) Leadership traits can be taught.
Uses power to serve others
Aligns vision with followers’ needs and aspirations
Uses open, two-way communication
Coaches and develops followers
Name one trait of ethical charismatic leaders
Leader (Transformational)
Do the following characteristics belong to a leader or a follower?

Rhetorical skills
Image and trust building
Use of authority inherent in designated formal rank to obtain compliance from organizational members.
What is management?
Cognitive Resource Theory
Which theory's description is:

A theory of leadership that states that stress can unfavorably affect a situation and that intelligence and experience can lessen the influence of stress on the leader.

Trait Theory - Behavioral Theory - Cognitive Resource Theory
Uses power for personal gain or impact
Promotes own personal vision
Demands own decisions be accepted without question
Uses one-way communication
Name one trait of unethical charismatic leaders
Servant Leader
The following description best fit what type of a leader? (Ethical, Unethical, Servant, Transformational)
Sustaining spirit over ego
Foresight over control
Listening over directing
Healing over judgment
The extent to which a leader is likely to have job relationships characterized by mutual trust, respect for subordinate’s ideas, and regard for their feelings.
What is consideration in leadership?
Ambition and energy
The desire to lead
Honest and integrity
Intelligence and Job-relevant knowledge
Traits Theory of Leadership consider personality, social, physical, or intellectual traits to differentiate leaders from nonleaders. Name one trait.
High Satisfaction
Low stress
High Commitment
High Performance
List 3 effects of Charismatic Leadership on Followers
Do the following characteristics belong to a leader or a follower?

Heightened Emotional Levels
Willing Subordination
Feelings of Empowerment
Identification with the vision
Taking a personal interest in the needs of employees and accepting individual differences among members.
What is an Employee-Oriented Leader?
Less intelligent individuals perform better in leadership roles under high stress than do more intelligent individuals.
The cognitive resources theory says that intelligence and experience can lessen the influence of stress on the leader. According to this theory do you believe the following is correct?
Purpose, Planet, People, Probity
Which of the following are the correct 4 P's of ethical leadership:

1) Product - Price - Place Promotion
2) Purpose - Planet - People - Probity
3) Persuasion - Persistence - Passiveness - Passion
One who values experimentation, seeking new ideas, and generating and implementing change.
What is a Development-Oriented Leader?
One who emphasizes technical or task aspects of the job.
What is a Production-Oriented Leader?
It is the leader’s job to assist followers in attaining their goals and to provide them the necessary direction and/or supportLess experienced people perform better in leadership roles under low stress than do more experienced people.
Attempt explaining the Path-Goal Theory

Listens to and encourages followers
Create a trusting work environment in which people are highly appreciated
Empower people
Invite others to participate in carrying out their leadership vision
Describe a Servant Leader
Leadership Styles and Follower Readiness
(Hersey and Blanchard)
Can you interpret the following table


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