Accidental Death Policy Child Safe Kit Read Off Letter Need for Life Insurance Video/ Needs Analysis Needs Analysis and Qualification and Medical Questions
What is the acronym for the Accidental Death Policy?
Is very important; it's the Child Safe Kit
Finish this sentence. The next introductory offer...
Explains the purpose of my visit today.
What does the read off letter do?
Need and Want
What does everyone have that's different?
about the different types of insurance , I'll go ahead and ask you some questions to see exactly what you qualify for and we'll go on from there.
Finish this sentence. Now that you have more knowledge...
$3000 for adults $1000 for children
How much coverage does the policy provide?
Protect your children.
What is the kit designed to do?
Show (the benefits) Explain (how they work) Answer (all your questions)
What does S.E.A stand for?
a different need and a different want when it comes to insuring individual and family needs.
Finish this sentence. Every person I see has...
What is the minimum income needed to continue the presentation?
I'm here to give you today is an Accidental death policy. The good news is that it covers you and your spouse with $3000 of accidental death coverage and each of your children with $1000. What I'd like to do now is play a brief video that explains more about this benefit.
Finish this paragraph. The introductory offer...
Child Safe Kit App and Child Safe Kit Card
What are the two forms of Child Safe Kit?
These benefits will make sense to you.
What do we anticipate?
may may not be right for the person I just saw or the one I will see after you.
Finish this Sentence. What is right for you...
life insurance is you must be in fairly good health. Some people who want the coverage can't even qualify so I'll go ahead and ask you a few questions about your family's health.
Finish this paragraph. The way you qualify for...
your information into the computer and you will receive your policy in 2 to 4 weeks.
Finish this sentence. Now let me put...
To get these Child Safe Kits out to all the families in the area that have children.
Finish this sentence. We've made a commitment...
And take advantage of them today, and if they don't, I have a report form.
Finish this sentence. If so, go ahead...
different need and a different want, this video will explain in simple words the need for these benefits.
Finish this sentence. Since everyone has a...
High risk/ have a lot of medical problems
ALX policies are for people who are what?
So as you can see the company now allows you to sponsor this same benefit for people in your circle who you think can you it the most. Who do you want to sponsor first?
What do you say to get referrals?
The way you can help is by sharing the app with anyone you know who has children to receive these kits.
How can you help get these kits out?
To get feedback on the benefits
BONUS: request a med-facts kit or memorial guide
What is the Report form used for?
They smoke, dip, vape, use any nicotine product or smoke marijuana
What classifies a person as a tobacco user or smoker?
1. Terminal illness
2. ALS
4. Alzheimer's/ Senile Dementia
5. Confined to a nursing home/ hospital
6. Confined to Jail/ prison
7. Use of illegal drugs in the last 2 years
What are the automatic declines?

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