Buffer History

Jobs Before Buffer Random Teammate Facts Teammate Hobbies Buffer Values Buffer Facts
Who is Darcy?
This teammate is a black belt and former anchor/reporter from a local California news station.
Who is Hamish?
This teammate has never met anyone in person with their same first name.
Who is Hailley?
This teammate competed in figure skating in elementary school and high school.
What is How to Win Friends and Influence People?
The Buffer values are based on this book.
What is 863 (about two years)?
How many days (approximately) it took Buffer to reach 1 million users.
Who is Melissa?
This teammate won a contest at their first job for being the fastest at filling-four-popcorn-bags-at-once.
Who is Joe B?
This teammate interrupted Phil Collins at a charity event.
Who is Tom D?
This teammate and his band played at a stadium alongside Westlife.
What is "choose positivity?"
This value is tied to “letting the other person save face.”
What is eight?
The total number of Buffer retreats.
Who is Tigran, Darcy, or Alfred? (Any others?)
Name at least two teammates who have served in the military.
Who is Bonnie?
This teammate was voted “Best Personality” and “Best All Around” in high school.
Who is Tom R?
This teammate went to an arts-centered high school and took drama class every day.
What is "be a no-ego doer?"
With this value, humility is a key factor.
What is productivity?
The topic of our very first #bufferchat.
Who is Tyler?
This teammate’s first job was doing demolition (and now they are a hobby carpenter).
Who is Adam?
This teammate’s father raised bees and to this day they prefer only local honey.
Who is Brian?
This teammate had finished top 20 in two half-marathons with more than 2,500 runners.
What is "live smarter, not harder?"
This value belongs to “you choose to be at the single place on Earth where you feel happiest and most productive.”
What is 775,000?
This is the current number of followers Buffer has on Twitter.
Who is Colin?
This teammate won a prize for reading Scottish poetry.
Who is Arielle?
This teammate is prolific at making bunnies out of olives.
Who is David G?
This teammate has studied kung fu for 10 years and their father is a kung fu instructor.
What is "show gratitude?"
“If I have seen farther, it is from standing on the shoulders of giants.” This value totes this Newton quote.
What is "Want to Tweet While You Sleep?"
This was the topic/pitch for Buffer as a product in the first Social blog post back in 2011.
What is bfffr?
This was the first name of Buffer.

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