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What is Miracle Sunday?
This 12 week campaign launched February 5, 2017
What is the Hamilton Spectator?
Put on your spectacles to see our ads twice weekly in this well known Hamilton newspaper
Who are Volunteers?
These valuable resources are now shared between the Funds Development and Marketing Team
What is the Spring Direct Mail Appeal?
This quarterly donor communication is scheduled to hit mailboxes next week
Who is Circe?
This trilingual resource is always down to TACO 'bout creative design
Who is Jessica?
A not so long time ago in a corner far, far away, this person started a new galaxy for all CK Marketing & Communications
What is the 2017 Winter Newsletter?
This communication piece was mailed out in February 2017
What is the program calendar?
Redesigned in February 2017, this informational piece's days are numbered
Who is Taylor?
The marketing team gained this new resource March 13, 2017

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