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What is Love & Basketball?
This flick shows a sport and a childhood friendship weaving together to form the perfect romance.
Who is Johnny Cash?
June Carter went through several "Rings of Fire" throughout her marriage to this timeless musician.
Who is Dirty Sanchez?
You'll want to clean yourself up after this Latino leaves his signature mark on you.
Who is Ron Burgundy?
Veronica Corningstone is in a glass case of emotion when she has to go and see how good this lover looks.
Who is Gwyneth Paltrow?
Chris Martin's marriage to this actress has given him both hot and "Coldplay".
What is Missionary?
You'll certainly be serving your partner in this position, and you don't have to go abroad!
What is Remember the Titans?
You will remember, FOREVER, the night you watched this film about love and football.
Who is Tom Cruise?
Nicole Kidman's first marriage to this man was Mission: Impossible.
What is Reverse Cowgirl?
Giddy up! This position may have her lookin' back at it.
What is Titanic?
Every Rose has its thorn, and she survived in this 1990s tragedy.
What is blood?
To show their commitment to one another, Angelina Jolie and Billy-Bob Thornton wore vials of this creepy substance around their necks.
What is Doggie Style?
Nina can't be in the room for this position inspired by her breed.
What is Twilight?
Sink your teeth into this young adult blockbuster starring a once real-life couple.
What is TLC?
Usher dated a spicy hot member of this 90s group, allegedly inspiring his hit album "Confessions".
What is flick the bean?
This game makes reference to a famous Chicago piece of art and requires some table football skills.

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