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What is c
If 2(-3x+c)=(-3(2c^2+cx)/c)+5c, the value of x in terms of c
What is 6
The y-intercept of the function y=x^2-5x+6
What is 21L
Container C can hold 70 milliliters of fluid. If the container is filled and dumped on the ground at a rate of 60 times per minute, the total amount of fluid that falls to the ground in 5 minutes in Liters
What is (4/3)(pi)(r^3)
Volume of a sphere
Who is Alex Trebek
The host of Jeopardy
What is 10
The mean of a set of 6 integers is 30. When one of the numbers is removed, the new mean is 34. Number that was removed is
What is 4
The parabola y=-(x+2)^2+9 has x-intercepts of (a,0) and (b,0), a+b=
What is 4
Two equations are modeled on a computer. Numbers in equation "n" increase according to the expression n=2^a. Numbers in equation "m" increase according to the expression m=2*a+8. If a is the number of hours the model runs, the number of hours it take "n" to equal "m" is
What is rad(3)/2
What is 70 minutes
Total time allotted on both math sections combined
What is 2
A linear function f(x) passes through the origin (0,0) and the point (3,1). The value of f(x) when x=6
What is 1/9
If 3(x^-3)=1/9, x^-2 is
What is 5
A company's total revenue is represented by the function r=-x^2+17x, where x is the average price of their product. Its production costs are represented by the function c=7x+25. The company's average product price if they made no profit is (profit is equal to r-c)
What is 13/5 or 2.6
If (5+2i)/(2+i) is written in the form a+bi, a+b=
What is 48
Total number of questions on both math sections combined
What is x+10
The average of a set of four numbers is x. When a fifth number is added to the set, the average of the numbers is x+2. In terms of x, the number that was added is
What is 3(x)(y^-3)(z^16)
Simplify (81(x^4)(y^-12)(z^64))^(1/4)
What is 68%
Event "v" occurs 28% of the time on Tuesdays, and event "v" and event "w" occur together 19% of the time on Tuesdays. Given that event "v" occurs on a Tuesday, the probability that event "w" occurs with event "v" is
What is 1/2
What is 7:00
The time Jeopardy starts on during weekdays
What is 3a
Events occur at a rate of "a" per week. If the number of events decrease by 25%, number of events that occur over the course of the next 28 days, in terms of a
What is 17
If f(x)-f(x+1)=2x-5 and f(6)=12, the value of f(5) is
What is 16
10 years ago, Jane was twice as old as Mark is now. If in two years Jane will be three times as old as Mark is now, age of Mark in 4 years
What is 3pi
Arc length in terms of pi when central angle measure is (pi/3) and radius is 9
What is Northwestern University
Herrick is going to this university in the fall

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