Safe Ownership Accepting Respect All Settings/Problem Solving
What is walk safely?
This is how we move in the hallway.
What is we put it in the garbage bin?
This is what we do with our garbage.
What is thank you?
This is what I say when someone does something for me.
What is green?
This is the colour when I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing.
Who is the noon hour supervisors?
This is who I go to when I need help at lunch.
What is down?
This is the direction we go on a slide.
What is offer to help clean up?
What is go get some paper towels?
When my friend spills his drink, this is what I do.
What is yes?
This is what I do when someone asks me if they can join in.
What is listen to the person talking?
This is what I do when someone is speaking in my class.
What is talk about it with a friend, a teacher or my parents, or another adult?
This is something I can first try if I have a problem.
What is with both hands?
This is how we carry an iPAD.
What is say I'm not allowed to?
This is what I can say when my friend wants me to bring out my phone during a time when it's supposed to be put away.
What is walk over and invite them to join in?
This is what I do if I see that someone is alone or is left out.
What is keep my time to 2 minutes or a shorter time?
When there's a big line for the swings, this is what I do so everyone gets a turn.
What is rock, paper, scissors?
This is a game that I can play to figure out who goes first.
What is because if we're not moving safely, we could stumble and fall and hit our heads on the hard corners of desks and chairs? OR...
What is we could fall into someone else and hurt them?
This is why we walk when we're in our classroom.
What is walking away, counting to 10, breathing and having a positive thought?
This is something I can do if I'm starting to go up anger mountain.
What is say something encouraging to them, like "do you want me to help you"? OR
What is "it's ok, I'll help you"?
This is what I should do if I see that someone wants to give up.
What is pick it up and bring it to the office?
This is what I do when I see a ball or a piece of gym equipment on the field when I'm coming in after recess.
What is trying to compromise?
What is 'take turns, do it together, or choose something else'?
This is what I do when I want something that someone else wants too.
What is tell/report to an adult right away?
This is what we do when someone sends us pictures or messages online that are hurtful or make us uncomfortable.
What is get involved in a volunteer activity, like 'crossing guard' or some kind of monitor?
This is what I do to be a leader at McKinney.
What is introduce myself and ask them what their name is?
What is ask them to play?
What is ask them something about themselves?
This is how I am when I meet someone new.
What is leave it in an organized manner?
What is leave it the way I found it (if it is tidy when I found it)?
This is how I should leave things in the computer lab, in the library or any place that other students use.
What is picking it up?
What is tell an adult if I shouldn't be touching it?
This is what I do when I see something on the ground or in the hallway that shouldn't be there.

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