Characters in Memes Video Games in Memes People in Memes Fill in the Blank Meme Platforms
Who is Thanos?
This big purple man once tried to kill half of the entire universe.
What is Fortnite?
The meme community doesn't consider this game to be a victory royale.
Who is Obama?
This former president elected in 2008 sure did "care".
What are the boys?
Me and the ____ are going to have lots of fun this Saturday.
What is YouTube?
This is the platform where you will find DMD Henry videos on. You should also subscribe to him on here, and like the video ;)
Who is Doge?
This adorable dog is a Shiba Inu.
What is Minecraft?
Oh no! My girlfriend must be cheating on me, because her spawn point was in someone else's house in this game.
Who is Bob Ross?
This painter doesn't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.
What is Murder?
If you play too many video games, then the media may think that you have ______ on your mind.
What is Instagram?
This is the platform that you will find meme pages like @DailyMemeDrops.
Who is Mr. Krabs?
This character from "Spongebob Squarepants" is chasing that bag.
What is Skyrim?
You can't run, you can't hide, but in this game, you can have stealth 100.
Who is Michael Jackson?
This "king" did the old switcheroo with his skin color back in the day.
What is Sike?
The blue piranha plant from Super Mario wants you to say ____ right now.
What is Reddit?
This is the platform that r/dankmemes can be found on.
Who is Shaggy?
This green-shirted "god" sure would love a Scooby Snack.
What is Kirby?
The pink ball of fluff from this game series could swallow you whole. No homo.
Who is Elon Musk?
Although his name isn't Nikola, he does do a lot of things with Teslas.
What is big brain?
Markiplier wants you to know that "Yes, this is ___ _____ time."
What is Snapchat?
This is the platform where meme accounts can only use stories to provide memes for their followers.
Who is Yoda?
Star Wars, this character is from.
What is a mobile game?
My mom versus my dad is a common advertisement for this type of video game.
Who is Keanu Reeves?
Although he was the actor of a skin in season three of fortnite, the meme community loves him.
What is casual?
An angry knight wants you to "Parry this you f***ing ______".
What is 4Chan?
This is the platform where anonymous people can write green text stories.

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