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What are beans?
Oh no! I was watching Cars 2 when I spilled this delicious treat all over myself.
What is Moana?
What can I say except you're welcome? Dwayne Johnson sure sounds a lot like the rock in this Disney movie.
Who is Billie Eilish?
This musician isn't a "bad guy".
What is Fashion Nova?
Gosh Darn! I sure do feel sexy in this brand's jeans that many Instagram models wear.
What is F?
Press this letter to pay respects.
What is Pickle Rick?
Rick from Rick and Morty exclaims that he is this food item.
What is Shrek?
Smash Mouth really became an all star in this movie.
Who is Jake Paul?
This guy doesn't even deserve to be in the musician category, but he does have that Disney channel flow.
What is Flex Tape?
The adhesive product from this brand can fix a boat that has been sawed in half, but it can't fix a broken heart.
What is oof?
Oh no, I died in Roblox! At least I got to hear this three letter sound effect.
What are Tide Pods?
Although they weren't meant to be edible, these pods sure did clean some idiots off of this planet.
What is Doctor Strange?
You might want to know what happens if you guess the original movie that the character who says this comes from. However, "If I tell you what happens, it won't happen."
Who is Jahseh Onfroy?
This is the first and last name of the musician who's death started the #LLJ movement.
What is Wendys?
This fast food chain is notorious for having some of the funniest posts on twitter for a big company.
What is nice?
I see the number 69 in any scenario, so I'm going to write this four letter word.
What is the dancing hot dog?
This dancing Snapchat meal was a big meme back in 2017.
What is Pixar?
The lamp from this animation studio has a tendency to murder the letter I at every opportunity.
Who is Lil Tecca?
This rapper isn't selling chocolate and vanilla milkshakes but he does have black and he does have white. Whatchu' want?
What is Slim Jim?
This company sells products that they like to call "Long Bois" as a nickname. If you follow their Instagram account, they consider you to be part of the "long boi gang".
What is bruh?
Ah! I accidentally failed all of my classes! I would consider that to be a (this four letter word) moment.
What is a Beesechurger?
Simply changing three letters makes a cheeseburger into this delicious meme.
What is Birdbox?
This movie that isn't about flying animals in a cube but instead about people wearing blindfolds sparked a lot of memes.
What is a Panini?
Singer and rapper Lil Nas X sure does have the horses in the back, but he also loves to eat this type of hot sandwich.
What is Dollar Shave Club?
This brand is often a sponsor of big YouTubers... It's cheap, so you won't SHAVE into your bank account when you buy it.
What is Minecraft good, fortnite bad?
This four word phrase represents the opinion of many memers, claiming that one video game is far preferable to another.

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