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What is 20?
The largest number of lives we asked about trading vs one
What is 14?
The number of different moral tradeoff situations asked about in the Bracht and Zylbersztejn study.
What is small to moderate?
On average, the studies examined concluded that gender had a _______ effect on responses to moral situations (looking for a magnitude)
Who is Carol Gilligan?
A student of Kohlberg’s who critiqued his work for being overly male-oriented
What is question 6 (surgery situation)?
This survey question had the fewest respondents who were willing to sacrifice the one life
What is Bjorklund (2003)?
This study varied the seriousness of the moral situations
What is the surgery situation?
This moral situation in the Bracht and Zylbersztejn study where sacrificing the one life was judged least moral
What is the Trolley Problem?
One of the earliest, most widely used, and most well known 5-life-for-1 situations
What is the submarine situation?
This survey question had the largest gender response gap in our class sample
What is Harenski and Antonenko, et al. (2008)?
This study covered in today’s presentation was the only one to use fMRIs
What is decreased?
As the seriousness of a given dilemma increased, Bjorklund found that the response differences between gender ______ (looking for a direction)
What is autonomous morality or moral relativism?
Piaget’s third stage of moral development

Men, Women, And Morality Jeopardy

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