Early Movies The Silent Era Transition Into Technicolor The History of Animation Movie Quotes
What is the Black Maria?
This is the first movie studio in America
What is the Vitaphone system?
This system wound up winning the "sound war" thanks to a big investment from Warner Bros.
What are Red, Green, and Blue?
A Technicolor camera required 3 film strips at once, they were these colors
What is "Toy Story"?
This was the first movie completely made using CGI
What is "Guardians of the Galaxy"?
"I am Groot"
Who is W.K.L. Dickson?
This man helped Edison invent the early form of the movie camera, even though Edison took most of the credit
What is the sound on film system?
This system, while being more technologically advanced, lost the "sound war"
What is Eastman Color?
This less vibrant but cheaper system replaced Technicolor in the 60's and 70's
What is Rotoscoping?
This style of animation featured highly detailed motion do to the animator repeatedly tracing live action film
What is "Toy Story"?
"To infinity, and beyond!"
What is a Kinetoscope?
This is the invention that allowed individuals to view movies. They were often found in parlors where the owners would charge admission to watch a 15-20 second film
What is the phonograph?
Many tried to make this device work with movie cameras to play back sound, but no one succeeded. The sound was too quiet, the recordings were too short, and the needle skipped too often
Who is Walt Disney?
This animation legend was the first to fully adopt Technicolor into his cartoons
What is Autodesk 3DS Max, or 3D Studio?
This is the program used by professional animators to create 3D CGI
What is "Moana"?
“If you wear a dress and have an animal sidekick, you’re a princess.”
What is France?
The Lumiere brothers were famous for creating the Cinematograph in this country
Who is Al Jolson
"The Jazz Singer", released in 1927, is the first movie featuring synchronous sound and dialogue. It starred this actor
Who is Natalie Kalmus
This woman would be hired for over 400 movies to be a Technicolor consultant
What is "The Empire Strikes Back"?
"No, I am your father"
What is Vaudeville?
This form of stage and variety show was where Edison found most of his actors.
What are "talkies"
This would be the nickname given to non-silent movies
Who is Georges Méliès?
Before Technicolor, movies like "A Trip to the Moon" by this director would feature hand painted film strips to add color to the movie
What is Claymation?
The specific style of stop motion is featured in movies like "Wallace & Gromit", "Shaun the Sheep", and "Chicken Run"

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