Speaking in tongues in the 80s (Major hits with partial or full foreign language lyrics) Second Time's a Charm(covers that are better known than the original) What's in a name? Artists known by a single name
What is Der Kommissar?
Austrian artist Falco had a hit with this song in German 1981, and After the Fire charted with the English version a year later.
Who is Bruce Springsteen?
Manfred Mann's better known version of Blinded By The Light was written and performed by this legendary New Jersey rocker.
Who is Madonna?
She's the Material Girl
What is Rock Me Amadeus?
Falco continued his chart success with this movie tie in to a film about Mozart
Who is Otis Redding?
The Black Crowes had a smash hit with Hard to Handle in 1990, but it was originally done by this Dock of the Bay singer in 1968.
What is
This Minnesota native
Who is Nena?
She recorded and charted with the German language 99 Luftballoons and it's English language version 99 Red Balloons.
Who are The Fugees?
Roberta Flack's cover of Killing Me Softly got an up tempo treatment by this 1990s hip hop group.
Who is Peter Gabriel?
Jeux Sans Frontieres was the French chorus of Games without Frontiers, by this former Genesis front man.
Who is Bob Dylan?
This Jimi Hendrix favorite, also covered by Dave Mason, was originally written and performed by this folk legend.
What is La Bamba?
Los Lobos made it big with a Mexican folk song made famous by Ritchie Valens for this movie of the same name.
Who is Bow Wow Wow.
The Strangeloves' I Want Candy found a new audience in the 1980s when covered by this British new wave band.

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